Best to hike with a guide

Hike Cape Town

Why is it best to hike with a guide?

A hiking guide will protect you against the main elements of the mountain along with basic mountain safety. A guided hike will allow you to see the mountain on a different level as well as give you valuable insight into the trail. Guided hikes will help assist you reach the summit in prized time for sunrise or sunset, avoiding the hordes of tourists that try to summit the mountain all together.

Guided hikes with our group tours. This large group joined us on tour in late 2018.

A good reason why it's best to hike with a guide

Hiking with a guide provides a sense of security. This allows for the most amazing views while still seeing that the hike went safely. Finding a guide for your hike is easy. We offer guided hike with hiking safety to all participants on the mountains in Cape Town.

Hiking with a guide has a number of benefits

• Safety

• South African guides

• Local tour operator for all planning

• Registered company for more reliability

Booking your guided hike

A guided hike can be booked in a number of ways. The best of which is to fill out our contact form - Click Here. Then you have the option of selecting your hiking trail, times, drinks and more.