JunioR Development


This competitive group was developed for athletes interested in training, attending local races and participating in the Ontario Youth Championships (13 years old and younger). The athletes are introduced to training and racing technique, developing physical strength, balance and flexibility to support their technique and educational sport components such as self-responsibility, nutrition, equipment maintenance (waxing) and goal setting. Jr DEVO provides an immersive “Learning to Train’ experience.

Participation in the fall Saturday dry land training is required for these athletes, and is included in the registration cost. Completion of Jackrabbit levels or coaches' assessment is required for participation, based on skill and capacity development.


  • Team challenges
  • Develop athletes, educate parents, create coaches
  • Facilitate mental training skills
  • Create success (excellence) for individuals and HTB
  • Create a positive atmosphere and love of sport (and activity).

Athlete program requirements

  • Roller ski poles
  • Striding poles
  • Helmet, reflective clothing, gloves
  • Watch with chronometer, timer
  • Water bottle and carrier
  • Access to appropriate skate and Classic skis (owned or leased)
  • Access to early season rock skis (Crown & Skate)
  • Skate and classic poles (length suggested by coach)
  • Combi boots
  • Blue non fluoro glide wax
  • Signed code of conduct
  • Athlete Season Goals

Note: Children at this level should be involved in other activities as well as skiing so they can develop as competent athletes. By the end of the Jr Devo program they should be physically literate (possess both fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills). See Canadian Sport For Life/Long Term athlete Development for details and reference material.

Race/Performance objectives

  • Introduce the qualities (technical, physical, mental) that lead to sustainable performance and consistent improvement. These are measurable.
  • Introduce reflection on performance-training/recovery, racing, etc.
  • Bi weekly, low key, appropriate length time trials. Likely at Wed practices.
  • Selected Paraffin Races
  • Appropriate team challenges-for example, Muskoka Loppet (athletes, parents, coaches).


$800.00* (Price increases by $25 on July 16th )

*Registrants in the HTB competition teams (nordic and biathlon) and Junior Development must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.

Additional Costs

  • Camps
  • Travel and accommodation to events
  • Race entry fees
  • Race license (Discuss with coach)
  • Coaching & Waxing fees for larger events on cost recovery


Dryland Training Pt 1

TIME: Saturdays 9:59AM to 12PM

STARTS: September 7

ENDS: October 26

Dryland Training Pt 2

TIME: Saturdays and Sundays 9:59AM to 12PM

STARTS: November 2

ENDS: November 30

Winter Training

TIMES: Wednesdays Evenings (TBD), Saturdays and Sundays 9:59AM to 12PM

STARTS: December 4

ENDS: First Saturday of March Break

*There will be a one day Holiday Camp during Christmas Break (Date to be determined)