COMPetition (COMP)


The Competition Teams are comprised of athletes that compete at the provincial level, have the desire to compete nationally at National Championships and who focus on training and learning to be competitive.

It was developed to focus on athletes aged 14-17 years old at the “Learning to Compete” and “Training to Compete” LTAD levels. They need to have a thorough understanding of training and racing principles with experience at the O-Cup or equivalent competitive level as a minimum requirement.

The program will allow for both team and individual goal focus to create the opportunity for every athlete to achieve personal success. It will also require athletes to mentor others as a way of gaining confidence, skills and greater athletic capacity.


  • Guide the athletes, involve the parents, and mentor the coaches
  • Develop skills and talents necessary to graduate athletes to further levels of personal success
  • Create the team needed to be able to compete well at all HTB events
  • Allow appropriate challenges to generate individual and team growth

Team Focus - Perfection is the accumulation of many small victories


Program Expectations

  • provide opportunity for athletes to develop and be true to their goals
  • be an active part of the ski community at all levels of divisional, provincial and national events
  • athletes will be supported to provide quality mentorship to all levels of the HTB ski program

Athlete Program requirements


  1. sign the code of conduct
  2. athletes will take part in coaching education opportunities
  3. maintain either a written or electronic training journal
  4. have a quality HRMonitor (downloadable is an option)
  5. will maintain contact with the coach when recovering from illness or injury.
  6. a detailed notebook of all coaching lectures
  7. will maintain a minimum 50% average on all exams referencing coaching lectures and material

Athlete EQUIPMENT Requirements

  1. 2 pair race skate (SOC’s) 1 pair race skate (JOC’s)
  2. 1 pair race classic and 2 pairs for athletes attending Nationals
  3. poles with lengths as suggested by the coach for skate and classic
  4. training skis for use in all conditions
  5. 1pr skate roller skis
  6. 1pr classic roller skis
  7. appropriate roller ski poles with correct ferrules and grips
  8. ski striding poles (5cm shorter than your suggested classic length)

HTB CT Athlete Expectations

  • be a positive influence to the program
  • honest with your efforts and generous with your spirit
  • respect to your team mates and their time
  • communication with the coaching staff if unable to attend a scheduled event

program fees


*Registrants in the HTB competition teams (nordic and biathlon) and Junior Development must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.

Payable in one payment or in 2 installments. If installment plan is chosen:

  • 1st Installment: $950 (includes $25 administration fee)
  • 2nd Installment: $925 by September 1, 2019
  • Initial registration is due by May 10.

Additional Costs

  • Training camps
  • Travel and accommodation to events
  • Race entry fees
  • Race license



Suggested daily training and strength training with introduction of support team and education sessions

  1. Testing Camp: May 10 at 5PM - May 12
  2. First practice May 18, 2019
  3. Cycling camp: June 14-16
  4. Volume Camp technical specific speed camp: July 27-31
  5. HTB Comp Intensity Camp/Time Trials: Sep 13-15
  6. Foret Montmorency on Snow volume: Nov 9-17

Training Schedule (Times TBD)


  • Monday – Gym Strength
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday


  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Every Other Sunday

Winter training:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Possible Race events will include:

  • SOD paraffin racing
  • Ontario OCup events
  • Noram events
  • Local Loppets

Goal events

Each athlete will work to their goals for establishing key events

HTB COMP goal events for this year are:

  • World Junior Trials
  • Eastern Canadian Championships
  • Cross Country Ski Nationals & US Super Tour Finals, March 25-April 2 2020 * Sovereign Lake, BC
  • BiCan Nationals - For qualified athletes