Qualified coaches make the Highlands Trailblazers a leading Club in Southern Ontario. The Club includes some of the most highly certified coaches in Canada, as well as coaches who have competed at provincial and national levels.

The Club also relies on a passionate group of qualified volunteer coaches. To become a volunteer coach and receive FREE Community Coach Certification and FREE Season's Ski Pass, contact us at


GROUP: Comp Teams

Every athlete has what it takes to be the best and as a team we can help build the courage and determination to get there. Life is about team work with success coming from the stepping stones we build. The hurdles along the way are necessary to make us stronger both physically and mentally because you can not have strength without faith.

I have been very fortunate to work with several determined athletes and more recently to work with several athletes that have a growing sport intellect to help build their own success with guidance and support from myself. My focus at a young development age is on coordinated speed with good amounts of quality focused volume, terrain specific agility and speed work to help build the specific skills necessary to race well. The HTB nordic team has been known for their ability to sprint race, with some of the most exciting medals happening in team sprint relays, easily considered the most challenging event at nationals.



  • Running, Cycling, and Nordic Skiing Coach

Personal Experience:

  • Running: Raced both track and road with personal best of 9:03 3000m @ 15 // 14:55 5k @ 25
  • Road Cycling: Competed for 2 years in Category 1/2/pro
  • Duathlon: Competed for 2 years as part of my summer training for nordic distance racing
  • Nordic Skiing: I have been involved in Nordic skiing for 35 years and coaching/instructing for 31 years. My favourite event to race was 50k - 55k loppets either skate or classic and loved the challenge to race these distances. I had a personal best top 30 at the Gatineau 55.


GROUP: Masters

Why I Love Skiing?

  • It's outside and I love being outside on trails, in the trees, over the fields, up and down hills (so fun!)
  • It's on snow and I love snow. Ya' gotta have snow to ski. It's pretty, and peaceful and seems so pristine - especially if you're the first one to be out on fresh stuff.
  • It's challenging and I love challenges. You have to be fit to move well on skis, and you have to learn the skills and practise them to get better - good enough to really enjoy it.
  • It's makes me smile and I love smiling. You can't be in a bad mood if you're skiing (well maybe sometimes if your grip wax is bad). It feels so good to glide along under your own power.
  • It's nice alone or with other skiers. Sometimes I love the solitude of losing myself in the rhythm of skating or striding and thinking my own thoughts while I ski. It's a type of meditation. But I also love skiing with other people, chatting with a friend or skiing in a train with a team, or even doing intervals with people and pushing each other. Nordic skiers are great people and always happy about snow (unlike grumpy non-skiers)
  • It's fun to race, or not. I love going fast - or trying to anyway - and the race events are full of positive, enthusiastic, fun people. I also love to toodle along slowly admiring the post-card views and looking out for birds, deer etc. maybe taking a few photos with positive, enthusiastic, fun people.
  • It's for all ages and I love seeing wee Jackrabbits, old fogies, and those in between, all out there moving on snow, happily.


  • Cross Country Ski High School Coach for 30 years
  • Coaching junior athletes at Highlands and watching more than one move on to higher levels: provincial teams, university teams, junior national teams, world junior and senior championship competitions, and the Olympics
  • Racing in the SOD events with so many great club volunteers in tiny places
  • Racing the Gatineau several times and loving it
  • Racing at the Masters World Cup in Minneapolis and seeing so many amazing skiers from all over North America and northern Europe - very inspiring!
  • Feeling part of a strong community of nice people with healthy lifestyles


GROUP: Junior Dev and Track Attack

My background goes back to the mid 70s when I started coaching in a Toronto high school. We were runners and when we were approached by 2 athletes to start a cross country ski team at the school thought, "I'm a runner. This skiing doesn't look too hard. I can do this." Little did I know.

When I moved to Orangeville in '85, I had the good fortune to help coach an already successful high school ski team at Orangeville District Secondary School. From '85 until '01, when I left, we had won over 25 provincial (OFSAA) team championships and had 9 OFSAA individual champions. I then coached at the University of Guelph for 6 years.

I was awarded the Southern Ontario Division (SOD) of Cross Country Ontario Cum Laude award in 2003 and SOD Coaching award in 2005. I am a Level 3 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach and CANSI level 1 instructor; facilitate cross country ski coaching courses and lead Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) presentations.