biathlon - COMPetition .22

Highlands Trailblazers Competitive .22-rifle Biathlon Team is comprised of athletes that compete at the provincial level, have the desire to compete nationally at National Championships and who focus on training and learning to be competitive.

The aim of the Trailblazers organization is to develop competent technical skiers and well balanced athletes ranging in age from 14 to 20. Our Head Coach oversees a number of other qualified coaches who deliver training programs to the athletes.

Athletes participating in the Biathlon Competitive Programs will also need to purchase the appropriate race licenses from sport organizing bodies (Biathlon Canada, Biathlon Ontario, Canadian Shooting Sports Association, Possession and Acquisition license).

NOTE: Travel, racing costs and training camps are calculated on a cost recovery basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants MUST be members of Biathlon Ontario

AGES: 15-16 / 17-18 (Biathlon Senior and Youth categories respectively) or by invite based on sport specific speed ability deliver training



This is a year round program to help develop athletes to compete both provincially and nationally. The program will allow for both team and individual goal focus to create the opportunity for every athlete to achieve personal success. This program will challenge athletes to become better both as young adults, but also as they evolve into 24hr athletes with the focus on being their best. It can include personalized monitoring and will also require athletes to mentor others as a way of gaining confidence and skills as they develop a greater athletic capacity.


  • Guide the athletes, involve the parents, and mentor new perspective coaches
  • Develop skills and talents necessary to graduate athletes to further levels of personal success
  • Create the team environment needed to be able to compete well at all HTB events
  • Allow appropriate challenges to generate individual and team growth

Team Focus

Perfection is the accumulation of many small victories


Program Expectations

  • provide opportunity for athletes to develop and be true to their goals
  • be an active part of the ski and biathlon sport communities at all levels of divisional, provincial and national events
  • provide quality mentorship to all levels of the HTB ski and biathlon programs

Athlete Expectations

  • be a positive influence to the program
  • be honest with your efforts and generous with your spirit
  • respect your teammates and their time
  • communicate with the coaching staff if unable to attend a scheduled event

Athlete Program requirements

  • sign the code of conduct
  • take part in coaching education opportunities
  • maintain either a written or electronic training journal
  • have a quality HRMonitor (downloadable is the preferred option)
  • maintain contact with the coaches when recovering from illness or injury
  • keep a very very very detailed notebook of all coaching lectures :-)
  • Highlands Nordic Season Pass
  • Biathlon Canada/Ontario membership
  • Collingwood Rod & Gun Club membership
  • Eagle Lake Gun Club membership

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • 2 pair skate race skis (SOC’s - 1 pair skate race for JOC’s)
  • 1 pair skate training (“rock”) skis for use in all conditions
  • 1 pair classic training skis for use in all conditions
  • poles with lengths as suggested by the coach for skate and classic
  • 1pr skate roller-skis (and helmet)
  • 1pr classic roller-skis (and helmet)
  • appropriate roller ski poles with correct ferrules and grips
  • ski striding poles (5cm shorter than your suggested classic length)
  • .22 biathlon rifle + PAL (and related rifle equipment)
  • Lockable ammunition storage container
  • Mountain bike (and related safety equipment)
  • Road-bike (and related safety equipment)



+ $100 Equipment fee

*Registrants in the HTB competition teams (nordic and biathlon) and Junior Development must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.

Payable in one payment or in 2 installments. If installment plan is chosen:

  • 1st Installment: $950 (includes $25 administration fee)
  • 2nd Installment: $925 by September 1st.

*Initial registration is due by May 10*

Additional Costs

  • Please read Athlete Equipment Requirements
  • Trail pass (not included in program fee)
  • Biathlon Ontario and Biathlon Canada membership
  • Camps
  • Travel to and accommodation at events,
  • Race entry fees


TRAINING SEASON: May 1 to April 30

Please refer to the COMP training schedule below:

Suggested daily training and strength training with introduction of support team and education sessions.

Spring & Summer training

May - August schedule

Starting of the Program:

  • Testing Camp - May 11 & 12
  • Cycling camp - June 8 & 9
  • Volume Camp - July 22 to 26
  • Tuesday @ Blue Mountain, 5-6:30
  • Thursday @ Various, 5-6:30
  • Saturday @ Highlands, 9-1

Fall training

September date, TBD

  • Tuesday sprints, 5-6:30
  • Thursday, 5-6:30
  • Saturday @ Highlands, 9-1
  • Saturday @Highlands, 1-3:30 (range training)
  • Sunday @ Highlands, 9-12

Winter training (When at home):

  • Tuesday, 4-5:30
  • Thursday, 4-5:30
  • Saturday, 9-1
  • Sunday, 9-12

Possible Race events will include:

  • SOD paraffin racing
  • Ontario Ocup events
  • Noram events
  • Local Loppets

Goal events

* Each athlete will work to their goals for establishing key events


  • 2 major, away races (Chelsea and one other Q-Cup race)
  • 7 other regional Nordic and Biathlon races