Biathlon Bears

“Biathlon Bears” is a nationally developed introductory program intended to provide an initial exposure to the fun sport which adds a precision shooting element to a young Nordic skier’s activities. This is an ideal starting place for young athletes that already possess basic Nordic skate- skiing skills and would like to learn about biathlon either competitively or recreationally, in a fun, supportive, and inclusive environment.

The aim of the Trailblazers organization is to develop competent technical skiers and well balanced athletes. Our Head Coach oversees a number of other qualified coaches who deliver training programs to the athletes.

Please note that Biathlon Bears must register for Track Attack.


This is an entry level program for athletes who have graduated from the Jack Rabbits Nordic-skiing program or have demonstrated ski skills and show an interest in learning how to add a precision shooting component to their skill sets in a fun and friendly environment. In this program, athletes will focus on effective prone positioning, precision shooting skills, and combination shooting skills using a pump-action air rifle. Ski training will be delivered through participation in the Track Attack Nordic ski program. Range training will be delivered as a separate session at the end of each skiing phase.

Coaching Objectives

  • Guide the athletes, involve the parents, and mentor new prospective coaches
  • Develop skills and talents necessary to graduate athletes to further levels
  • of personal success
  • Allow appropriate challenges to generate individual growth

Program Expectations

  • provide opportunity for athletes to develop and be true to their goals
  • be an active part of the ski and biathlon sport communities at the local
  • level
  • provide quality mentorship to all levels of the HTB ski and biathlon
  • programs

HTB Biathlon Bears Athlete Expectations

  • be a positive influence to the program
  • be honest with your efforts and generous with your spirit
  • respect your teammates and their time

Athlete Equipment Requirements

1. 1 pair skate skis

2. 1 pair classic training skis for use in all conditions

3. poles with lengths as suggested by the coach for skate and classic

Program Fees

COST: Track Attack Fee + $50 Ammunition & Equipment Fee

* Biathlon Ontario and Biathlon Canada Recreational Athlete Membership Required

Individual 2019-2020 Biathlon Canada Registration:

*Trail passes - valid only during the weekly sessions - are included in Jackrabbit, Bunnies, Chipmunks, Track Attack and Biathlon Bears fees. If registrants ski at other times, they will need a season or day pass.


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STARTS: January

ENDS: March

Saturdays 10:00-12:00 (Track Attack Nordic ski training) and Saturdays 1:00-2:00 (range training)