HTB JR Competition

Junior Competition (Jr Comp)

The “Jr. Comp” program was developed to focus on athletes at the “Train to Train” LTAD level when they progress through their peak growth period. It provides opportunities for the continual progression of technical skills and physical capacities. It is a high-energy program which places heavy emphasis on team building, group interaction and confidence while working to reach common goals.

The program is primarily targeted for athletes born in 2003 and 2004. They need to have a thorough understanding of training principles gained through Track Attack or equivalent program. There is an expectation that they are independently driven to be active every day. They have at least one year of experience racing in cross-country or biathlon at a provincially recognized event (Midget Champs, Paraffin Series, etc).

Key features of the program include:

  • extensive coaching team: lead ski-coach dedicated to the team, plus support from other coaching staff as well as parent-coaches
  • Training from July 1 until the end of March with 5 team & technical camps
  • an expectation be a team member and support a united team
  • work with an assigned senior mentor athlete to work with through the year.
  • suggested training plan to work from that will be provided each month
  • agility and strength testing 3x per year to assess the athlete’s skill level progression
  • exposure to extensive racing experiences & education
  • waxing and other equipment knowledge development


To build an aerobic base, develop speed and strength and further develop and consolidate sport specific skills.


1. Ensuring social and emotional considerations are addressed by placing an appropriate emphasis on team-building, group interaction and fun social activities. Support athlete’s growth in the sport means they enjoy training, appreciate being outside and above all love to ski.

2. Ensuring the training focus is tied to individual stage of maturation related to. Athlete set their own individual goals and the coaches work towards helping the athletes achieve them. Attending a minimum of 75% of practices during the whole season

3. Making aerobic training a priority after the onset of Peak Height Velocity (PHV) while maintaining or further developing levels of skill, speed, strength and flexibility. The focus is on ski racing; however, the athletes are also given tools to grow as both athletes and individuals.

[1] Based on LTAD Guide Train to Train overview on pages 32-35,




  • Team Camp July 1/2/3
  • Tech Camp Aug 11/12/13

2 practices per week

  • Tuesday (5:00-6:30 at Blue Mountain Village) and Saturday (10-12)

FALL: Sept 1-Nov 30

  • 2 practices/week:
  • Wednesday (5:00-6:30) and Saturday (9-12)[1]
  • Fall Volume Camp Sept 22/23/24

WINTER: Dec 1- March 31

  • 3 practices/week Wednesday (5:00-6:30), Saturday (9-12), Sunday (10-12)
  • Snow Camp Dec 6-10 (Nakkertok)
  • Christmas Camp Dec 28/29/30


  • Up to 7 regional 1 day races with emphasis on O-Cup events
  • 2 major ‘away’ race weekends including Eastern Champs Feb 3/4/5


  • Frequent use of one day paraffin racing (On skis they waxed themselves)
  • Ocup or BION events when appropriate
  • Eastern Canadian Championships will be a team event with full support
  • Eastern Canadian Biathlon Championships

Potential Goal events for the year

  1. 2004 - will go to midgets
  2. 2003 - (Potential invites to Nationals or OCup)


    • Every athlete will be paired up with a skier from the Comp/Comp Plus race program. The responsibility is placed on the Jr Comp athlete to connect with the Comp team mentor as needed and considered appropriate.
    • More details to be made available at Mentorship Briefing at upcoming camp.

[1] This may vary if training is taking place at another location like Base Borden



*Registrants in the HTB competition teams (nordic and biathlon) and Junior Development must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.

(Payable in one payment or in 2 installments. If installment plan is chosen $ 500 by credit card at time of registration. Balance plus $ 25 administration fee by post dated cheque or credit card, to be received no later than September 1, 2017.)

Additional Costs

  • camps
  • travel and accommodation to events
  • race entry fees

Athlete program requirements



  • Sports watch
  • Training Journal and/or Training log (written)
  • Great Attitude and signed code of conduct


    • Running shoes (new preferably)
    • Roller ski poles
    • Striding poles (5cm shorter that normal classic poles)
    • Helmet reflective clothing, gloves
    • Water bottle/carrier


    • 1 pr crown skis with appropriate poles*
    • 1 pr skate skis with appropriate poles*
    • 1 pr combi boots for year round ski use with appropriate ‘rock skis’
    • Rx Blue(or similar) Glide wax for their own use as paraffin race wax, travel wax,[1]
    • Appropriate attire for a range of weather conditions
    • Highlands Trailblazers ski uniform (available for purchase from Highlands Nordic)

* Leasing opportunities are available from Highlands Nordic

[1] Bulk buys to be made by Club whenever possible