Welcome to Highlands Trailblazers Ski Club!

We are a not for profit club dedicated to inspiring a passion for cross country skiing and biathlon across all ages and skill levels.

Our community provides the resources and opportunities that connect, build, and inspire biathlon & cross-country athletes of all levels, contributing to their sport development through a vibrant volunteer support community and committed excellence to coaching and programming.


Joining the Club gives you access to a range of benefits:

  • Regular Club e-newsletters
  • Admission to NEW Clinics and Workshops
  • Ability to represent Highlands Trailblazers at races
  • Purchasing rights to Highlands Trailblazers Team uniforms
  • Front of the line access to Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Invitation to Club special events and socials
  • Access to FREE Community Coach Certification & Trail Pass for volunteer coaches***

***based on commitment to 1 season of volunteer coaching


$35.00 per person

Included if you register for Jackrabbits, Recreational or Racing Programs


Highlands Trailblazers & Highlands Nordic Collaboration

Synergies and Differences

Did you know that your favourite winter weekend destination is actually two organizations working hand-in-hand? Your cross country skiing is brought to you through a combination of Highlands Nordic, the privately owned and family run facility that brings you your great skiing, and Highlands Trailblazers, the volunteer-run, not for profit club that brings you programming and a strong social community. This cooperation goes back to the founding days when Larry Sinclair devised the structure as the most effective way to promote his passion for skiing through consistent trails and community based engagement.


  • Passion for skiing
  • Volunteer run, not-for-profit organization
  • Volunteer coaches, paid lead coaches

  • Programs (Jack Rabbits, Jr Devo, Biathlon, Comp, Masters)
  • Ski swap
  • Race hosting
  • Social events
  • Community communication
  • Coaching development

  • Club membership
  • Fundraising


  • Passion for skiing
  • Family business
  • Paid staff

  • Trails
  • Facilities
  • Grooming
  • Pro-shop
  • Ski leases
  • Private lessons

  • Day passes, season passes
  • Year-round facility usage

Each organization manages independant finances. While there are cross-overs between the not-for-profit and the family business, every effort is made to make collaborative efforts effective and professional.

Mutual respect for each group has been exemplary over the years. Perhaps the most significant examples of this are:

Trail Lighting

    • Highlands Trailblazers were instrumental in bringing nighttime lighting to the trails of Highlands Nordic

Keeping the lodge clean all the time

    • The Club has the privilege of using the chalet during every season of the year. That means snow, mud, dirt and grime can easily get brought in. The Club has made concerted efforts to help Chanse and Kelly keep it clean all the time, especially in the off season. We ask that you continue to support this.

Skiing as part of Junior Programming

    • Highlands Nordic provides free access to the trails for junior programs (Jackrabbits and Track Attack) while they are participating in the programing.

Paying for trail fees

    • Paying the $35 Club fee, being a parent, or being a participant in the Club programs, does not give you unlimited access to the Trails. It takes a lot work to maintain them so please be respectful and pay for your ski fees.

As a volunteer based club providing many of the day to day opportunities for your family, we need your help.

Come join us to help coach programs (we will provide the training you need), host races, and participate in social events.

If you are interested in helping out, contact us at