2018 Highland Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master

Andrew Pike


David Wessel, PM




Matt Green, PM

Senior Warden

Chip Hawkins

Senior Deacon

Matthew Wilson


Tommy Rossi

Junior Deacon

Johnny Law

Junior Warden

JJ Braddock

Senior Steward

Yunus Sevimli



Junior Steward

Jason Charalambides

Explanation of Positions

Worshipful Master: the Master is essentially the President of the Lodge. He determines the year's events and creates an annual budget, which is ratified by the Board of Trustees and then passed to the Lodge for approval by majority vote. The Master will also create committees and appoint its members to do the work of the Lodge. Each year, the lodge will nominate and vote for its Master, who must be certified by the Grand Lodge of Maryland as duly qualified in the ancient rites and rituals of Freemasonry.

Secretary: the Secretary does the bidding of the Master, keeps faithful records, and receives annual dues from the Lodge members. Additionally, he is the point of contact with the Grand Lodge, visiting brothers from other lodges, and any outside organizations. Each year, the Lodge will nominate and vote on its Secretary.

Treasurer: the Treasurer receives monies from the Secretary for deposit into the Lodge's bank accounts, pays all Lodge bills with the consent of the membership, and faithly manages the Lodge's banking and investment accounts. He will provide an annual financial report to the Lodge, file appropriate Federal, State, & local taxes, and be the point of contact with the IRS. Each year, the Lodge will nominate and vote on its Treasurer.

Chaplin: at the center of every Masonic Lodge is God or the Great Architect of the Universe and the Holy Writings. The Chaplin will invoke Deity to give thanksgiving and humbly ask for continued blessings for all of humanity at the opening and closing of Masonic events.

Senior Warden: the Senior Warden is essentially the External Vice President and will preside over the Lodge in the Master's absence. He is responsible for the education and advancement of all newly obligated Brothers and their journey through the three Masonic degrees with the assistance of the Deacons. Each year, the Lodge will nominate and vote on its Senior Warden.

Senior and Junior Deacons: the Deacons under the direction of the Senior Warden are responsible for the preparation, education, and advancement of a Brother through the three degrees of Freemasonry.

Tyler: the role of the Tyler stands outside the Lodge guarding it when convened to ensure privacy and that only regular Masons in good standing are allowed entry. A closed lodge is also called a Tiled Lodge.

Junior Warden: the Junior Warden is essentially the Internal Vice President and makes sure that the current Lodge members or Master Masons are active and stimulated through its Lodge programs with the assistance of his Stewards. Additionally, the Junior Warden will make sure the Lodge building is well kept and in good working condition. Each year, the Lodge will nominate and vote on its Junior Warden.

Senior and Junior Stewards: the Stewards assist the Junior Warden with the lodge programs and upkeep of the Lodge building. Additionally, they are responsible for arranging meals when the Lodge is either meeting for business or conferring a degree.

Musician/Organist: the lodge Musician is responsible for appropriate, relevant, and reverent music during the rituals of Freemasonry.

PM after an officer's name, denotes that he is a Past Master or former Worshipful Master of a Lodge.