High Hopes Housing Co-op

About High Hopes

High Hopes Housing Cooperative is a highly successful cooperative that’s been in existence for 37 years. Currently we have 35 members in 23 units in 13 houses around the Quinpool Road/Halifax Commons area.

Although loyalty to the Coop means that turnover is not frequent, we do have units come available from time to time. Please check out this website to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.

What does it mean to live in a Housing Co-op?

(Adapted from article by OVO Housing Co-op)

Co-operative housing is very similar to home ownership without the personal expenses. Co-op housing provides its members with many benefits that are not usually available in rental housing.

These include:

  • Having a say in the management of the co-op,
  • Living in good quality housing that is well-cared for,
  • Being able to improve your unit so that it "feels like home,"
  • Housing charges (rent) that are controlled through cost-effectiveness,
  • The security of long-term residency, and
  • Belonging to a caring community.

Co-op housing, however, is not (miraculous). It does not cure your financial problems, although it may help. It does not relieve you of individual responsibility — getting some of the benefits of a homeowner means that you will have to work like a homeowner to keep those benefits….

Co-op living means a balanced relationship between the rights and benefits that you gain as a member and the responsibilities that you must exercise to maintain your membership. If you do not act responsibly and perform your share of the workload then you lose your rights as a member. In fact you could lose your membership and be forced to vacate the co-op. On the other hand, housing co-ops usually find creative methods of taking care of business while having a good time doing it. They work hard and have fun; the result is that everyone does their share, the co-op is run well, and the community is a happy place to live.

A Summary of Member Responsibilities

1. Attending every General Members' meeting — the only excuse is ill health and work commitments that you cannot re-arrange; if you can't attend a meeting then you must notify the Secretary or the President and give your regrets.

2. Sharing the work by serving on the Board or one of the Committees — the various tasks will be divided up equally and according to your abilities; and,

3. Learning all of the Co-op's policies, procedures, its By-Laws and the terms of its Occupancy Agreement — these are legal documents and you are expected to know and follow all of these rules.

4. Respecting the rule of confidentiality. That is, in many ways the co-op is like a family and as a member of that family you will sometimes be given privileged information. This information may concern another member's private affairs, such as their finances or a personal problem they might be having. Whether you are serving on a particular Committee when you are given this info, or you hear it somehow in the co-op, it is your responsibility to keep it private and not talk about it outside the co-op.

5. Paying your housing charge and other payments on time and according to the procedures outlined in the Financial policies - the co-op cannot afford late or nonpayment no matter what the reason

6. Maintaining your own unit in good repair and keeping it clean according to the Maintenance policies - although you live in this unit, it is owned by everyone and you are personally responsible for its upkeep

7. Having a positive attitude towards the co-op, your responsibilities and to your fellow members, is really helpful to the continuous growth of the co-op's health as a business and its community spirit. Although we can't regulate your attitudes, we can tell you with complete assurance that life in the coop will be a lot easier for you if you are positive. Being positive means:

  • Jumping in and taking responsibility,
  • Helping to solve problems when they arise,
  • Thinking more in terms of ‘us’ and less of ‘me’,
  • Avoiding gossip,
  • Being friendly and helpful to new members, etc.