High Harbour

Vanilla Hard Survival. Find a place you like! Build in peace.
Build trust. Build with others. Build Big!

Bellow it is a lengthy and exhaustive list of the server features that need to be addressed. It varies from a simple general information to a ban-able action. Information that allows some players to satisfy their curiosity and prevents others from getting banned. All commands are achieved thru the use of a tool called Multicraft.

| Vanilla | Survival | Hard | Persistent Map | .home | .tpa | doFireTick false | World Border at 101888 | No Griefing | No Raiding | PvE |

| Shared server hardware | Random teleport up to 4k | Build over 10k for safety | maxEntityCramming 24 | Keep entity count around player under 150 | Respect everyone | Keep Swearing Low and not directed at others | No Spam or Advertising | No Hacking | English preferred language | All languages allowed | Do not intentionally cause lag or crash the server nor threaten to do so | Restarts every 12 hours. At 10:00 UCT and 22:00 UTC |

| Allowed Mods | About Moderators | Other considerations |


Using only the Mojang Minecraft server .jar. Period. Using all and anything that comes with and is permitted by the Mojang Minecraft server .jar constitutes, therefore a vanilla type server. High Harbour uses a small amount of command blocks to provide for certain comforts such as .home and .tpa. We try to always be on time in adding the latest version released by Mojang.


There are no kits nor is to be expected any kind of starting assistance from other players. Begging for help is annoying, so avoid being needy. There are players who like to help newcomers but they are not online all the time. Use a bed has you move so you don’t need help from starting kits or others help. It is a good idea to make an outpost well before you find a place for your base, so that if you have any trouble, you won't find yourself at spawn. Make a bed as soon as possible. It is also best to avoid the cardinal directions. Meaning, if you go North for 10000 blocks, someone's going to find you quite quickly. But if you go slightly East as you travel North, you are a lot less likely to be found.

Hard difficulty

Is the difficulty of the map. To add to that difficulty there might occur technical issues such as lag caused, either for a player bad connection or by the server being hosted on a shared machine. Once you die, you die. Once you lose your items, you lose your items. If you have no way to get your lost items, due to void deaths, lava swimming or overconfidence, deal with it. No items will be replaced whatever the reason of the loss. Spawn can be a pleasant place to hangout or discover the many hidden secrets but be wary of possible dangers caused by any ongoing modifications.

Persistent map

Only to a certain extent. The purpose is to allow for players to have a place to come back to whenever they feel like. This means that - with 97 percent certainty - the server will NEVER reset it’s map. [ 1 percent is to account for possible catastrophic failures, 1 percent is to account for old and never used region files and the other 1 percent is not to jinx it. ] Possibly, and from time to time, all world region files older than 1 year could be removed from the Overworld, The Nether and The End. So make sure you login and visit all your builds (Overworld, The Nether and The End) at least once a year.


Is to be used in small caps, otherwise it won’t work. Will take you to The End and back. Until you get the Achievement “Into Fire - Relief a Blaze of its rod”, you’ll get the Minecraft final credits: hit escape to exit. It is your responsibility to ALWAYS take note of your home coordinates so that an operator can help you getting back home: this is the only help you will get from an operator. Can be used while in The Nether or The End.

.tpa PlayerName & .tp / .deny

Are to be used in small caps, otherwise they won’t work. These commands will only work when both players are in the same dimension. Type .tpa PlayerName when you want to teleport to another player. The exact name has to be entered otherwise it will not work. If both players are in The Nether or The End, the request will not show up but the teleport will still work if the second player types .tp or .deny.

doFireTick false

World fires either naturally caused, either caused by a player will exert some pressure on the server CPU and RAM, hence the reason for this gamerule to be set to false. It will also allow to build build magnificent without the fear to see all wood builds destroyed to some random lightning strike. Also, any eventual griefers will see frustrated their endeavours to ruin someone's hard work with just a mouse click. BE AWARE of Creepers they will blow your build to smithereens...

worldborder at 100888

Seems a nice compromise between a small world and a place large enough to build in.

No griefing & No raiding

Those are self explanatory enough to be clearly understood by anyone. Although, in the eventuality that some of you might have a reading disorder, I’ll clarify: there is to be no destruction of natural or created environments and no appropriating of other players resources. Period. If you farm other people’s places: REPLANT. Although we do not encourage it, a certain amount of raiding, looting and stealing is to be expected on a survival server. Should you do it? NO. BUT, players should also try to protect themselves from the troublemakers by not doing certain things that make them more susceptible. On High Harbour we call this Grief-Bait. Eventually, these troublemakers will be caught and banned. NONETHELESS, do you really want to be the one that they target until then? Building close to spawn, discussing you coordinates in chat, inviting people to your base before you have established trust, keeping your best items on you when you go to spawn and not logging in for several days are some of the things considered Grief-Bait. It is not allowed to grief End Portals regardless of technique used.

Player versus Environment

Is… allowed.

Player versus Player

Allowed anywhere you want with anyone you want PROVIDED you make your intentions known in public chat and the other player CLEARLY states in public chat that she/he is OK with it. There is a .pvp room where all that enter are fair game even without consent. If a group of friendly players is known to PvP regularly at their bases, there is no need of public statements unless one of the players asks to stop in public chat; That unstated PvP is only to occur in the boundaries of the respective bases and not elsewhere. Keep in mind that If you overreact and respond inappropriately… YOU might be the one who gets banned.

Shared server hardware

No one likes lag. Dedicated hardware costs money. Since there is no asking for money, the server is maintained at the owner’s own expenses without the constant fear of having to shut down due to lack of funds. The server is hosted at a nice and cosy company called SmishCraft to whom it is payed a yearly subscription.

Random teleport up to 4k

This server system teleports the player to a random location between 2000 and 4000 blocks from spawn. There is plenty of space out there to build a starting outpost or to add something to someone’s outpost within that range.

Build over 10k for safety

10000 blocks from spawn is just a reference. The further you build, the safer you’ll be. There are countermeasures in place to avoid most raiders and griefers, but one never knows.

maxEntityCramming 24

The 25th entity crammed into the same block space will die. This is to prevent accumulation of large amounts of entities in the same place. Since 24 is the default set by Mojang, this number will not be changed by any reason.

Keep entity count around the player under 150

Entities need CPU power to run their AI’s. The more there are around a player, the more lag the server will have. Once you have your farm animals set, your villagers accounted for, 150 is more than enough to encompass all of them. So 150 will only take into account entities that are player created. Random spawns around the player will be overlooked. NONETHELESS is it important to keep all caves lit up and to kill all the farm animals that you have wandering around outside your farms. To find your entity count, hit F3. The fourth line in the top left corner, with E: shows your entities rendered/entity count. The second number in E: should not exceed 150.

Respect all players

HIGH HARBOUR is a server for all players that respect others according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; to the extent that it can be abided by inside an online game. DO NOT interfere and continuing to follow, get in the way, pick up items, toss items, place blocks, break blocks, or otherwise interact with the purpose of being a nuisance, especially after being requested that you stop. Do not troll, or lurk about, fishing for trouble (such as arguments) with other players or Moderators. Go play Minecraft.

Keep swearing low

Swearing is allowed. But please do try to avoid it. The occasional swearing will be overlooked. It’s excessive use and abuse will not. As it will not be tolerated ANY kind of swearing directed at others (inside or outside the game) A Non-aggression Principle is to be observed.

No spam

Guess what? Spam lags the server. Don’t do it.

No advertising

Civilised conversations about other servers are allowed. If you want someone to join you on your server or on another server, PLEASE use a private message. Although players will play wherever they feel like to, HIGH HARBOUR is not an advertising platform. If you think you might be advertising, then you are.

No hacking

If you’re thinking about hacking in falconry, then you’re allowed do that on this server! If you’re thinking about taking advantage of exploits that are not present using the clean Minecraft launcher, then you’re not allowed. There are measures in place to prevent that. Yes. In vanilla. Although there are some mods that you will not be penalised or looked upon if you use them. Check Allowed Mods. Duplicating items is prohibited, regardless of the technique used. Do not intentionally cause lag or crash the server nor threaten to do so.

English preferred language | All languages allowed

High Harbour harbours players from all over the world. In order to have some common language, English is the preferred language. No one will be looked upon if another language is used. But be mindful: we have players that understand anything you say using others languages.

Restarts every 12 hours. At 10:00 UCT and 22:00 UTC

To keep it's 8GB RAM clean, the server needs a restart every now and then. When there are players online there will be a scheduled restart every 12 hours. Furthermore, when there are no players online there will be restarts every 3 hours. Players need only to be concerned with the ones every 12 hours. Nonetheless, if players feel that a restart is needed they only need to log off at the following UTC times: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00. To check the time to the minute, type @servertime in chat. Keep in mind that the hours may vary and you need to check what UTC is at the moment. the @servertime helps to know if it as already passed the hour. So, need to look at the minutes only.

Allowed mods

For now only these are allowed. You may suggest others.

  • Forge - Platform for other mods.
  • Optifine - Help with frame rates (fps).
  • LiteLoader - Use only these two if you need.
  • Armors HUD revived for LiteLoader - Shows your armor on screen.
  • Spawn Detector for LiteLoader - Shows blocks where, if not lit, mobs will spawn.
  • Shaders - Requires Optifine or Forge.
  • Minimaps - Waypoints and navigational assistance.
  • Schematica - Load and save your builds in and out of the world.

About Moderators

Don’t ask to be a Moderator. We’ll ask you. If you are a regular trusted player contributing positively to the server, chances are you are already being considered. We are looking for players who demonstrate wisdom in resolving conflicts quickly and logically. Being Moderator is NOT all fun and games. Moderators are expected to set the example for others to follow. To step into difficult situations and represent High Harbour (not themselves). It can be quite stressful and hard work. The only reward is the joy you get from knowing that you made High Harbour a better place. There are no benefits for being a moderator. Moderators are endowed with the ability to .warn, .kick, .ban, and .pardon players. Also to make announcements as needed to maintain order on the server. Moderators do NOT get any OP abilities.

Other Considerations

Nether roof building is NOT allowed. Travelling on the Nether Roof is tolerated. It is not permissible to break bedrock to reach the Nether Roof, regardless of the technique used. There are other methods of reaching the nether roof which are permitted. Overworld gold farms relying on multiple large portals are prohibited. Elytra launchers are prohibited due to the fast chunk loading caused.