High Harbour


I, the one that pays HIGH HARBOUR server bills, will never, ever, ever ask for any donations. I like running a Minecraft server (or at least try) and enjoy the freedom of not owning it to no one other than my wallet.

However I do understand that some players might want to give a helping hand. That is why this page is here.

To whomever feels the urge to donate, there are a few things you should consider:

  • There are, for the moment, no perks for donating;
  • Donors will have no special treatment;
  • The funds are directly sent to SmishCraft to be added to the Helder Dias (High Harbour) account;
  • There are no refunds;
  • Don't go wild on spending.


HIGH HARBOUR expenses comprise of the ANNUAL fees for the dedicated domain name highharbour.net (€15) and for the shared server hosting (€100).