High Harbour

Vanilla Survival Minecraft server

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Minecraft survivors made their way from some servers cataclysmic destruction and created High Harbour, a place of refuge, where they live peacefully and in harmony with all.

The HIGH HARBOUR Minecraft server is a reference to and inspired by one of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime series (before the creation of the Studio Ghibli). It is a 1978 post-apocalyptic science fiction anime series called Future Boy Conan (Mirai Shōnen Konan). This anime series is in turn a Miyazaki adaptation of Alexander Key's 1970 novel The Incredible Tide.

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Be cordial and respectful. - Do not be rude to others.

Play fair and honestly! - No x-ray, flying, hacked clients or exploits.

No Griefing and Raiding. - Build over 10k for extra security.

PvP only with consent! - No revenge kills.

Swearing is allowed. - But please do avoid it.

Do not spam or advertise. - It is just annoying and disrespectful.

Watch your entity count! - Bases are limited to 150 entities.

Do not annoy moderators. - Let them do their jobs.

Don't ask for admin/owner. - You are not getting OP, or moderator.