the higher intentions story

Higher Intentions is a Roots reggae band out of Northern Colorado formed in the summer of 2015. Jeremias Cruz (Vocals/Keys), Joe Rael (Vocals/Guitar), Ismael "Ish" Mendoza (Bass/Vocals), Justin "Jeb" Gebauer (Guitar/Vocals) and Ty Falk (Drums) all went to high school together in rural Eaton, CO. While the band is heavily influenced by roots reggae, the individual members' unique styles and musical backgrounds leads to a unique sound that stands out among modern reggae bands. Bound together by a unique friendship, Higher Intentions delivers an exiting and emotional show that feels 100% authentic because Higher Intentions is a family.

Jeremias Cruz

Growing up in Eaton, Colorado music has always been apart of my life. From uncles to grandparents to cousins, music has played a huge role in my families life. From Reggae music to Country music to Spanish music to even classic and today's rock, Ive always inbraced all kinds of music. I love to spread positive messages through Higher Intentions music and have been influenced by artists such as Bob Marley, Barrington Levy, Gregory Issac, Alpha Blondy, The Wailing Souls and also modern Reggae artists.

Joseph Rael

I grew up in a small town, didn't know much. Only thing that interested me was being the "bad boy" and breaking the rules. Getting arrested and doing drugs. Then slowly as I learned how to play the piano I wanted to pursue the guitar. Hearing the stellar tones that could be created through these instruments hooked me. Practicing the guitar and really going full force kept my mind away from trouble. I learned many genres to keep my creativity at it's highest. As the years went by I learned about reggae and the positive vibes it brought to people. The Rastafari way. Bob Marley's words really hit your heart. The man spoke from within. Other artists like Gregory Issacs, Steel Pulse, Sister Nancy, and many more. From there my love for reggae and positive vibes grew strong. The fellow musicians, I call brothers, also have a huge impact on me. The unity and love we spread is what the people need to hear.

Ismael Mendoza

I was born and raised in Moreno Valley, California. My whole life i was around music from my God Father who influenced my music so much and many other family member involved in music. i moved to Colorado when i was 16 and meet some chill dudes and created what you see and hear today. Let the good vibes and positivty of Higher Intentions enbrace you. ONE LOVE

Justin Gebauer

Music has always been one of the most important aspects of my life. I grew up watching my grandpa's country western band play dances on weekend nights and have always had a strong passion for playing music for others. I began taking piano lessons at an early age, before learning drums in school band, and eventually picking up bass and guitar. My musical influences range from country to rock, reggae to soul, funk, grunge, jazz, blues and others.

Tyler Falk

Born and raised in Colorado, where music was a part of my life as a kid. Watching my mom play in a country western band growing up. Although music was in my life as a kid, 2 years ago it impacted my life in a different way. Reggae music in particular with role models like Bob Marley and Carlton Barrett showed me how to live with a positive mind set in my life. Playing with Higher Intentions allows me to spread that positivty with everyone!