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We all know what it's like to go through a mediocre or even bad beverage experience and hopefully we have all felt the excitement to go back to a place for your favorite drink and welcoming staff. High Desert Consulting works to make your event, bar or restaurant offer beverages that your customers and staff can get excited about.

Our journey began with learning, understanding and using sound techniques that consider what it takes to produce a quality product and contribute to a great guest experience. We use that knowledge alongside years of hospitality working experience as a foundation for creating beverage menus and implementing bar program development related to restaurants, bars and special events.

In short, we fill any occasion with delicious refreshments and wonderful hospitality. Allow us to collaborate with your event concept, theme and flavor inspirations to deliver tailored craft beverages.

How We Can Help

Are you interested in providing custom craft refreshments for guests at your next event?

Are you looking to create unique menu pairings?

Are you trying to create efficiencies behind your bar for your staff and customers?

Contact us and let's talk about your event or concept today!

Custom Craft Cocktails

We are happy to create a custom drink menu for your event or offer bartender services that cater to a more simplified approach.

We design to your interests, needs and wants for all beverage offerings, non-alcoholic, beer, wine and spirits.

We can also batch your specialty cocktails for consistent, delicious beverages that are ready for volume and speedy service.

Curated Menu Development

Your organization has a story, theme and concept that will help us to pair beverages with food menu items or planned courses.

Allow us to help you with introducing signature drinks to your guests that they can only get from you.

Let us learn what makes your menu special and unique. Then, allow us to highlight those distinctive attributes and tailor your guests experiences through exceptionally curated menu offerings.

Consulting and Bartender Services

Restaurant, bar, special event and private event services are available.

Mocktail & Cocktail batching services available.

Contact us to talk about your beverage and hospitality related needs today.




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Offer Craft Cocktails For Your Next Event


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beverage menu.

Let's build a refreshing experience.

Receptions & celebrations!

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