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Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

@ Hongik University

Group picture at CGS grouting site


In the beginning of my career at Hongik University, I was coming up with an idea that I would lead the laboratory toward offshore geotechnical specialty. So I named the lab as Hong Lab which stands for Hongik Offshore N Geotechnical Laboratory. I left the N blank because it connects offshore with geotechnics and because I couldn't think of a proper word. After several years, I realized that I should have not limited the research area to such a word. Well, my current main research is to develop a cavity detection system by Artificial Intelligence that is quite far from the first research. Should I type Neural Network for the N now? I still cannot imagine what to write next to the N. For now, it starts making me feel comfortable to let N be just N. It can be any word like next generation, new idea, new future, novel invention, whatever the students want to pursue. Every single word should be for the future generation and I should not exploit it, and I still have Hong Lab with me.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidates for master and doctoral student. Please contact me at geotech at hongik dot ac.kr

Initial vision of my laboratory in 2010 (from ppt slide I presented to lab alumni), and still I have the same narrative and the emblem