To Do

Hand-Rail: When you get old, and believe you me, you will, you'll need a handrail that is fastened to something solid, not just paneling. The 2 steps going up to the potty isn't much but the bottom is fastened to something solid but the top of it is just fastened to the paneling. It came home loose from United and I have been debating just how to fix it now for 2 years.


Had trouble with the bedroom slide in 2018 and again in 2019 and I believe we have it repaired now. In 2018 when we came home from Benbrook and opened it on the street we couldn't get it closed. A wire had came loose and the son-in-law and I found the loose wire. Again in 2019 on the way to Navarro Mills we hit a bump in the road and found a wire loose again when the slide wouldn't go out. I'm not sure if the controller is in a bad place or if maybe we just got a poor Lippert product. Have not had problems with the other 2 slides. I can say that I know more about the override and how to bypass and sync the slides now!