Love the layout of our RV. Only thing I would change is probably a storage area at the rear as all the storage is in the front. Added $500 air-bags to the Tundra and that took care of it. Everyone seems to ask if the truck is big enough for that trailer. I looked at Chevys (didn't fit in my garage), Fords (don't care for their transmission that rev-up for 30 seconds before they move), RAMs' (that I feel are not as reliable) and choose Toyota's (after pissin' off others owners) again as I can't say anything bad about them. I still do disagree with Brad, the United salesman, that 'goosenecks' are dangerous. I see so many out there that pull much bigger RVs?

Oh, Mice: Most of the newer RV's today are built with the electrical cord that slides into the trailer and twists to lock it! If you are looking at a used RV with a hole in the side that mice can crawl-up the cord and sleep with you, you and I don't think alike. Don't like mouse poop in my silverware drawer like happened with my last camper. Wife spent 5 days cleaning after that and didn' blame her one bit.

Strange: When we bought this camper I told the saleman to take out the fireplace... "we'll never use that" is what I said for the reason. Like so many times in my life, it is hard to admit I was wrong. We go in November and December now and boy is that nice. I was wrong!