Battery: Had to replace the battery because it tested bad at AutoZone. Less than 2 years old and not covered by any insurance. 2 years? come on now!

After getting ready to come home from Benbrook, unplugged the extension cord that we had plugged int0 the belly outlet. (door side) It pulled the entire socket out of the wall. It was a wirecon plug and I see that has happened to other rv owners. When I checked on buying the tool they say I needed to use to replace and seeing it cost $450.00, what the f...! Come on Forest River, that shows that the Wildcat from Forest River was built so you must return it to the dealer to repair this simple repair. Maybe I should be disliking Wirecon?

May 17th: Got the new electrical box in and the plug wired today. That is an awful lot of wire to go into that small box. While I am griping, the wall that the new box went through had 1 screw at the top and 1 screw at the bottom. I added 3 more screws and now it is in there firm. I believe that 3 more screws would not have added that much more weight? Not sure of just how solid 'Forest River Products' are? Guess I'm about to find out huh?