Holiday Park

April 2nd - April 8th - Site #88

Our first time out in 2019 was quite an experience. After charging the battery in our Wildcat twice over the winter, the indicator light in the restroom indicate 'not charged'. After checking the battery at AutoZone it tested 'bad'. Bought a new battery and it did the same thing. Took that heavy ole deep cell back and got another one. Checked all the fuses and they all tested OK. They have the red light indicator on them to show when a fuse is burnt and no lights were on. The bedroom slide did strange things also. Putting it out would bring one side out while the other side seamed to go in. Glad I had purchased the 'help' package from United RV and also another package from Route 66. Worked with Terry Collins at United and he was great but ran out of ideas so suggested I contact Route 66. Worked with Zack there and he was also great and walked me through. He thought it sounded like it could be something with the converter. I told him that I had put my auto battery charger on it and it seemed that the battery was charged fully but the indicator did not show that. He suggest I get a meter and take the panel off and look for a possible loose wire coming off the converter. When I took the cover off low and behold there was the red light on one of the fuses that I had checked earlier. I won't trust those red lites again after all this. Changed the fuse and everything worked. Not sure why someone would design a fuse to control a slide and the battery test circuit with the same fuse.

Anyway I'd like to thanks my son who I woke-up at midnight to help, Terry Collins from United RV and Zack with Route 66 for all their help. I don't believe I would have fixed my problem without any of their help.. Thanks to you all!