Hidekazu ITO

(伊藤 秀和)

Latest article(s) (update May 1, 2020)

(Book Chapter) Global Logistics Network Modelling and Policy, Hironori Kato, Ryuichi Shibasaki, and Cesar Ducruet (Eds.), Elsevier (published data September 8, 2020) [link]

Urban gravity in the global container shipping network, Journal of Transport Geography [link1] [link2] (available online May 1, 2020)

(Book Chapter) 関西復権の道-アジアとの共生を梃子として- 広瀬憲三(編著)、中央経済社(2020年3月23日発行) [link]

Investigating Variations in the Deep-sea Sourcing Strategies of Car Manufacturers: Two Case studies of parts consolidation centers in Japan, Case Studies on Transport Policy [link1] [link2] (available online February 1, 2020)

The speed of trade. Empirical analysis of vessel voyage and turnaround times across world container ports (1977-2016), PORTUS [link1] [link2] (available online November, 2019, free access with registration requested)

Path dependence in port choice: some quasi-experimental evidence, Applied Economics Letters [link] (available online July 22, 2019)

Current Research Projects

Logistics and Supply Chain in Automotive Industry [link1] [link2]

Structure and Evolution in Maritime Transport Networks [link]

Urban Structure and Cargo Movements [link]


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(正論)業績稼ぎがはびこる大学の劣化 (社会学者、関西大学東京センター長、竹内洋)[link]