Your secret is safe.

Hide Data

The best App to encrypt text, files and whole folders!

And more: completely erases any file from your hard drive.

Encrypt files and folders

With a few clicks you can encrypt a file or a whole folder. Use the traditional password key or the Portable Keys. Or use both and up to 5 keys by a specific order. Just to be extra secure!

Decrypt files and folders

Just as easy, decrypt the files.

Erase files and folders

Don't trust the "shift+delete". To ensure that your files were completely wiped out from your hard drive, use Hide Data as well! It completely deletes your files and folders.

Simply text

The same goes for text. Share encrypted text through e-mail or instant messaging. Keep your messages from prying eyes!

Your Keychain

Manage all your Portable Keys. Create, edit, share and import keys.

Create a Portable Key for a group of people, give them an expiration date, make them your own. It's your keychain!

Create a portable key that allows to see data only between your PC and another one - a Client/Supplier relation.