Upcoming Fundraiser Opportunities

Thomas the Train Days (July)

Tour Accounts

Hampshire Music Parents will host student’s tour accounts. These accounts help students to travel with the music department with funds raised in fundraisers.

The money that the student earns through various fund raisers will be tracked by the treasurer of Hampshire Music Parents. The account will be a family account and will be used for all students that are currently in music. We let the students use them money for different opportunities that the music department gives the students (music trips, performances, etc.).

In the spring of the student’s senior year a form will be given to the student showing the remaining balance and the student will need to respond by end of June letting us know what they want to do with the money, they will be able to donate to another music family, we can hold the money for a family member that will be a future student or they can donate the money back to the music department.

To request money out of your child's student account for the upcoming Disney Trip, CLICK HERE

To request money out of your child's student account for any other music related expense, CLICK HERE

Whip-Purplooza Fundraiser

What is Whip-Purpalooza you ask? We have had a few people ask us what this is. Whip-Purpalooza is the Hampshire Music Departments one and only main fundraiser of the year where they can really showcase all of their different ensembles for each group: orchestra, choir, and band. This is the only event that we ask our music students to sell 10 tickets to the all day event and where we charge a price for this event. Each ticket per family is $10 and each student receives a book of 10 tickets. The music department will earn $100 from that family if their student sells all 10 tickets. Last year, we made $9,600, which goes directly back to the music department. The money has been used for needed instrument repairs and equipment, new color guard uniforms, a portable sound system, electric violin and violas and other much needed items, to name a few.

This is a great way for the Music Parents to be able to help out our music directors and students by raising this money and give back to them so they can keep singing and playing wonderful music. The event is on a Saturday and food, snacks and drinks are also sold. It is also a great way for family members who do not live in the area, to come to this event and be able to see your child perform in all of their events all in one day. Once you pay for your ticket, you can come and go as you please as your child performs. It is truly a great event and for parents who do not get a chance to see some of the other groups through out the year, you can sit and listen to the others that you wish.

So please, consider selling your tickets when they do come home from your student later in the spring so we can raise as much money as possible for this wonderful music department that we have here at Hampshire High School because as you know, we will not get any better directors that care for our children as much as ours does and we can give back to them and our kids to continue to help them make our program even greater!!