Putting everything in boxes.

Finally! Empty after two weeks.

Transport to a next museum, I thought...

It Turned out Way to small!

Too small and then I had to emty this unit aswell! I was sharing my despair on Facwbook and... Hardy Boy came to the rescue!! He told me I could rent a house in Kuala Lumpur. He arranged everything for me! Thanks a million, Hardy Boy! So now ship all boxes etc. to Kuala Lumpur. A 20 feet container was just big enough!

Container filled up with the help of some Hague Hashers .

Closed and on the way to Kuala Lumpur!

The Future Hash Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

Arrival at Kuala Lumpur!

Hardy Boy and Hash volunteers to unload the container.

Finally! Empty!

Good job, Hardy Boy and team! Enjoy your well deserved beer!