Yeonju Ro

Hello all, I'm a third-year Ph.D. student at UT Austin, co-advised by Prof. Aditya Akella, and Prof. Vijay Chidambaram. I closely work with Prof. Atlas Wang. I'm currently working on systems for ML, with a special focus on scaling out ML training and inference. I did research internships at HP Labs and Meta during my Ph.D study. 

Before joining UT, I studied computer architecture at KAIST under the guidance of Prof. John Kim. I worked at Samsung Research On-device Lab on NPU design and model optimization for edge AI.

Research Interests

Computer systems - Systems for ML, Learned systems, AI Algorithm-System Co-design, Computing acceleration

Deep learning - Distributed ML, Scalable ML, Efficient ML



Research Experience

Work Experience

Teaching Experience


linkedin - you can send me a message via linkedin chat!