Herpetology Satellite: behavior, ecology and evolution

The satellite meeting on “Herpetology Behavior, Ecology and Evolution” will allow students, postdocs and junior faculty the opportunity to receive focused commentary on their latest research and to establish international collaborative relationships with experts in this unique and diverse group of animals. This satellite will emphasize the unique and universal aspects of amphibian and reptile neurobiology, including motor pattern generation, predator-prey interactions, acoustic communication, behavior, physiology, ecology and conservation. Expanding beyond the scope of previous amphibian satellite workshops, this will be the first herpetology satellite at ICN, allowing the examination of synergistic themes between amphibians and reptiles, in honor of Australia's strong history in reptile biology.

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NOTE: To attend the satellite, you must also register on the ICN meeting website. Registration includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch, and pizza/beers at the end of the day.