The things that I love about pop and geek culture influence who I am as a person and an educator.

This page is dedicated to my life outside the classroom.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Guess Who?

This is the instructions for the MCU Guess Who? board game I recently created.

You can create your own with this template.

Or you can print the pdf version here.

MCU Guess Who?

Nerd Bros with a Nerd Show

I was tinkering around with a green screen and the transition effect of WeVideo to produce a short clip in which I play twins. Meet Kevin and Devin...Nerd Bros with a Nerd Show.

Madden Performs the Hawkeye Song

My son Madden performs the Hawkeye Song for his 3rd Grade Talent Show...First performed by Jeremy Renner on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Cosplay Gallery

Cosplay Gallery

My family and I often cosplay for local events and comic cons. We usually travel to Dallas at least once year for Fan Expo shows as well. My son Madden is the real star of the show, but we all try to be involved. You can follow our cosplay adventures on Instagram at @dad_n_dude_cosplay

Awesome People We've Met

This slideshow covers some of the artists and celebrities we've had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Madden usually exchanges one of his drawings or photos with them.

Artists and Celebrities

Dragon Ball Stop Motion Animation

This animation was created to use in my Digital Animation Module. It was created using Google Slides and edited using WeVideo. My 7th and 8th grade students will complete a similar project using the same style