Hello and welcome to the official website of HerbGames! This website is dedicated to showing off features of the HerbGames Youtube channel and Discord server. If you want to see great videos on upcoming gaming predictions, videos regarding retro games, or videos on custom PC builds check out our Youtube channel. The discord server is for talking about the future of gaming but also the past and also talking about announcements on the channel. The Twitch channel includes a ton of awesome retro gaming live streams. Check it out!

Here is one of our best gaming predictions videos! We discuss some possibilities for the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2.

Here is on of our videos regarding custom PCs. Here we show off my custom PC build and show some of the coolest features on it.

Here is the advertisement for HerbGames which aired on BCAT16. It just shows a little more about what this channel is really about.


Occasionally on HerbGames, we will do giveaway, usually for subscriber milestones. Our first giveaway was at 50 subscriber and it was a five dollar Steam card which was won by Noisy Vids. The next giveaway will be at 100 subscribers. We will usually giveaway gift cards like Steam or E Shop cards. Make sure to subscribe to HerbGames to be notified when news on a new giveaway is out!

100 Subs for HerbGames

Our current goal for the HerbGames Youtube channel is to reach 100 subscribers. Now we are over half way there! Help us to reach that goal!