HerbDay in Oregon

Presented by BotanicFest

Our mission:

To celebrate the many uses of herbs in our daily lives; emphasizing cultivating herbs locally, building the local herbal community, teaching people about herbs and how herbs benefit our bodies and the environment around us. We see this day as an opportunity to enrich our local communities while speaking to the importance of sharing herbal traditions.

What is HerbDay?

HerbDay is a coordinated series of independently produced, public, educational events that celebrate the importance of herbs and herbalism.

HerbDay was conceived of in 2005 by the HerbDay Coalition, a group of five nonprofit organizations that have interest in these areas, to raise awareness of the significance of herbs and the many ways they can be used safely and creatively for health, beauty, and culinary enjoyment. Greater familiarity with herbs will increase informed use of herbal products and build public support for maintaining personal choice in the use of botanicals.

  • The American Botanical Council
  • United Plant Savers
  • American Herbal Products Association
  • American Herbal Pharmacopeia
  • American Herbalist’s Guild

Every year the International Herb Association names an herb of the year. This selection is based on the herb being outstanding in 2 of the 3 categories; Medicinal, Culinary and Decorative. Visit their website, iherb.org, to view multiple year’s selections.