How can Hepatitis C lead to Oral Cancer?

According to the recent study, the people who have hepatitis C are prone to getting oral cancer. One of the major root causes of the oral cancer is hepatitis C and it can be transferred with contact of infected blood and use of infected needles. In most of the cases, people with hepatitis C are more likely to get oral cancer because it does not reflect any symptoms of liver infection which are required for detecting the liver malfunction in the human body. If you are lethargic, feverish, or feel muscle pain, in addition to the fatigue, extra care should be taken to avoid serious conditions.

The patients who have hepatitis C must consult the dentist on regular basis to keep a check on any symptoms of oral cancer, in addition to focusing on the teeth whitening kit. The role of a dentist is significant because they can help the patient to avoid cancer by diagnosing it in time. The information about oral cancer must be distributed among the patient who have the hepatitis C. If the patient is unaware, they must be informed about the likely chances of getting oral cancer. It is also good to share the relevant information with the patient regarding any risk of getting oral cancer after the hepatitis C.

The hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by hepatitis C virus and it is a blood borne disease. It starts with a mild illness and it can turn into a long treating disease, this may eventually lead to death in some cases. Initially, it starts with nausea and makes you lethargic. It mainly affects the liver by making it weak and causing malfunction, which can trigger other linked issues, for instance, it can induce oral cancer in some cases. The linkage between oral cancer and hepatitis is due to the nature of infection, which involves blood transfusion and use of unsterile needles.

All those who cannot afford the expensive treatment from private clinics mostly rely on government hospitals. So, the slow system of the government hospitals for treating hepatitis C can turn the simple mouth infection into cancer. For example, some of the government hospitals put people on the waiting list, which can take months to years. And the delay in treatment of infections, particularly in the mouth can make your situation worse by turning it into the grave problem. Therefore, the government must take effective measures to prevent the spread of oral cancer by treating a patient in time because the patient with hepatitis C requires immediate attention.

According to one study in the US, the tendency of hepatitis C is relatively higher in those who have dental issues. They are more susceptible to getting oral cancer in the later stage of the life, in addition to developing dental conditions. But in hospitals owned by the government, all patients are not given a priority. As a result, people with hepatitis C can end up with the serious dental disease, which is not grave in the beginning, but when the patient is not cured, it could multiply the medical issues. Moreover, some of the people have to wait because of the long list of the patient in hospitals government owned, as they lack the capacity to treat growing number of patients.

According to another study, the need for treating hepatitis C patient is required to prevent the spread in developing countries. The majority of the patients in developing countries are facing this problem because of poor health conditions. A large segment of people seems ill informed about the benefits of maintaining good hygiene while blood transfusion process and the value of disposal needles to operate the patients. Furthermore, the role of government in the developing world is not effective in controlling the spread of blood-borne diseases. Hence, the carelessness on part of dentist can lead to dental diseases that can harm the mouth, particularly in the surgical procedure for treating people with hepatitis C.

According to dentists, if the patient is diagnosed with Hepatitis C, they should be guided by media and government campaign can help to prevent oral cancer. The reduction in a number of cases can only be possible with effective communication of risks linked with the spread of mouth cancer, especially the patients who have hepatitis C, as they are more likely to get oral cancer in comparison to the other patients because of the weak immunity. In other words, the role of public service messages can also be effective in preventing oral cancer in people belonging to the developing world, where health is the core issue of many countries.

The chances of getting oral cancer are associated with the dental health, for example, tooth decay and gum diseases are important or the reduction in an amount of production of Saliva. The production of saliva is necessary to protect mouth against the bacterial activity. So, saliva helps the mouth in fighting against the foreign body in the mouth in form of virus. The patients of hepatitis C can develop oral cancer because their immunity is not up to a required level, to defend mouth against the viruses responsible for mouth cancer. Therefore, it is essential that patient with hepatitis must be treated with care, as it could cause oral cancer.

People with hepatitis C must keep check by observing any signs of oral cancer in them. They must give attention to the formation of lumps around neck and mouth area. Sometimes red or white patches emerge on the face and neck of the patient, which may be a sign of potential oral cancer germs in them. If the patient observes these signs, it is good to consult the dentist and get checked or medical test for determining oral cancer can be done. The early detection of mouth cancer can save the life of the patient to a large extent. The dentist can help the patient in dealing with oral cancer, especially if it is detected in early stages.

To conclude, patients who have hepatitis can develop oral cancer or other related diseases of the mouth, if they are not treated like they should be. So, the dentist can assist people who are prone to get oral cancer in the later stage of the life. Similarly, the role of government hospitals is important, because it is affordable for the majority of the people.