About Me

As of August 2019, I will be a fifth year PhD student in philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. My dissertation is about the ethics of linguistic interactions; this project is at the intersection of philosophy of language, action theory, and formal epistemology. My dissertation supervisors are Josh Dever and Mark Sainsbury. I am also currently working on projects about the epistemology of generic generalizations, linguistic interventions in rational decision making, and the relationship between attitude reports and the attitudes they report on. If there is a unifying theme to all of my work, it is representation: how creatures like us can (and should) represent the world in thought and talk.

I received an MSc in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh (supervised by Anders Schoubye). Before that I attended Stony Brook University, and before that I attended the Bronx High School of Science. In the summer of 2017, I was a visiting student at the Arche Philosophical Research Centre.

Outside of philosophy, I make experimental music. I recently licensed several of my tracks to NPR for use in their podcast Invisibilia. I was a longtime contributor to the music blog No Fear of Pop. Before doing my MSc I was a Research Analyst for CMGRP, which was how I figured out I wanted to be in academic philosophy.

Recent Publications

"Acts of Desire" Inquiry, forthcoming.

"Is that a threat?" Erkenntnis, forthcoming.

"Phenomenal dispositions" Synthese, forthcoming.

"Acquaintance and first-person attitude reports" Analysis, 79:2 (2019) 251–259.

"The Nyāya Argument for Disjunctivism" History of Philosophy Quarterly, 36:1 (2019) 1-18.

"The Swapping Constraint" Minds and Machines, 28:3 (2018) 605-622.

Recent and Upcoming Talks

  • June 2019: "Assertion and Discursive Normativity", Assertion and its Norms Conference (Paris, France).
  • June 2019: "Generic Value" (joint work with Josh Dever), Arche 20th Anniversary Conference (Saint Andrews, UK).
  • February 2020: "A Hole in the Box and a Pain in the Mouth" (with Laurenz Casser), APA Central Division Meeting (Chicago, IL)

Contact / Social

Email: henryschiller AT utexas DOT edu

Social Platforms: PhilPeople, Academia