Henry Agallar


About Me

With more than ten years of experience teaching martial arts, Henry Agallar is a specialist in both NoGi grappling and Brazilian jiujutsu. Additionally, he is a well-known high school wrestling coach. Future MMA competitors and regular folks looking to boost their confidence and get fit will benefit from Agallar's coaching. Agallar is renowned for his conviction that martial arts can help people of all ages and fitness levels build strength and discipline in their bodies and minds. Henry Agallar, a coach who works with clients to help them improve all facets of their health, is aware of how intimidating it might be, to begin with a white belt in a martial arts context. Agallar firmly believes in meeting customers where they are and assisting them in acquiring the fundamental abilities necessary to excel in the martial arts at a high level. Even if it's their first time participating in a martial arts workout, clients of Agallar are made to feel at ease when they enter a training session.