Swim For Brandon


July 20, 2022

11th Swim for Brandon

All proceeds from Swim for Brandon directly support the Brandon Lehr Fund.

Brandon Lehr was a member of the Hempfield Stingrays Swim Team for 11 years and also coached the team for 3 years. Brandon’s parents started the Brandon Lehr Fund in Brandon’s memory to support our team. The Brandon Lehr Fund provides assistance for registration fees for families in need, provides junior coaching opportunities, as well as covers the cost of items that help our team (i.e. our team tent, team computer, and swim meet software). Swimmers will “Swim for Brandon” by swimming as many laps as they are able during their scheduled practice on July 20th.

From our coaches...

Brandon was a Hempfield Stingrays Swim Coach and a swimmer for the Stingrays, Hempfield High School, and Diplomats. He continued his love of swimming at Penn State with the Water Polo Team. He loved swimming and loved everything about the summer swimming community. Brandon gave so much more than time to the kids. He was a leader and role model. It was during a very difficult time, the Lehr family thought of how much Brandon loved the Hempfield Stingrays and the kids he coached and they gave his Memorial and Life Celebration fund to us. He left a lasting impression on all the Stingray families that knew him. He was truly one of a kind and a blessing to us and he continues to share his spirit and love of swimming through the fund. The Lehr’s have dedicated many years to swimming and the Hempfield Stingray Family with all three of their boys swimming. It is our job as part of the Lehr extended family to honor them and Brandon’s legacy.

In addition to the original monies from the memorial fund, the Hempfield Stingrays sponsor a “Swim for Brandon” which allows our swimmers to raise money and swim in honor of Brandon’s spirit and love for Swimming. Giving is great feeling and giving to this fund gives back in a big way.

Swimming was not just about winning or being the best for Brandon. I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet Brandon. He was one of a kind. “Swimming for Brandon” is about a lot more than just swimming fast:

  • It is about the courage of trying something that may not be easy for you

  • It is about being part of a team and family other than your own

  • It is about being the best team mate you can be and cheering for your teammates

  • It is about doing your best

  • It is about good sportsmanship

  • It is about learning to win and lose graciously

  • And above all it is about having fun.