Hemal Jhaveri

Hemal Ramesh Jhaveri – A Lone Tree Businessman

Hemal Jhaveri is a resident of the Lone Tree City, Colorado. He completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from the University of Denver and Masters in Computer Information Systems from the same University. Hemal Jhaveri started his first company – SofTec Solution in 1996 @ Lone Tree, and now he is the richest person of Lone Tree city.

Profile Of Hemal Jhaveri:

Hemal Jhaveri possesses over twenty-five years of experience in computer and information technology. He is amongst few representatives of the city who are showy and successful. One of the reasons for his success is the way he treats his staff. He is quite friendly to his staff and treats them as his companions. He doesn’t believe in the bossy culture at all. Hemal Jhaveri hosts a party for his staff every year and for performing employees, he pampers them with a trip to his own island or to famous places of Lone Tree. His quote justifies his actions, “If my staff is happy, my clients would be happy, too.”


Bachelor's Degree

University of Denver

Master's Degree

University of Denver