Paypal login - Sign up In Paypal login Account

There is hardly anybody in this space who is unaware of the functionalities and services that PayPal has to offer. This platform is serving as an important method to simplify our digital life by letting us make online transactions in a simpler way. You can use PayPal in different scenarios of your life, while you are shopping online, pay for your driver, or at grocery stores. But, to access all these features of PayPal, you need to do go complete the PayPal login process.

How to log in to PayPal?

For PayPal login, just follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the URL from any browser

  2. Type your email or mobile number in the text field and tap ‘Next’

  3. In the password box, provide the password correctly

  4. Tap on ‘Next’ once again to access your account

  5. You are all set to start making online transactions

How to set up a PayPal account?

For PayPal login, creating a PayPal account is very important because this opens the door for ultimately accessing PayPal features. To sign up at PayPal, use these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to the URL mentioned above and click ‘Sign Up’

  2. You will then reach the account selection page of PayPal

  3. Choose one of the two accounts: Personal or Business

  4. After choosing the account type, click ‘Next’

  5. You will be asked to enter your phone number first

  6. Enter your mobile number and tap ‘Next’

  7. You will receive a confirmation message on your number

  8. After account confirmation, fill in the registration form

  9. Choose a strong password and click ‘Next’

  10. Select ‘Agree and Create Account’ at the final stage

You must memorize the PayPal login credentials as it will help you during future logins.

Method to add your bank account/ credit card details

  1. Complete the PayPal login process first

  2. Select the ‘Get started’ button in blue

  3. Fill in your Credit Card details

  4. Choose ‘Add Card’ and verify your account

How to verify your PayPal account?

For the purpose of starting the payment transactions, you have to verify your account as it will help PayPal know that you are the owner of the particular account. At the time, you successfully verify your account, you will be able to send and receive more money because your transaction limit will be increased. This process will come into action after you complete the PayPal login process.

  1. After you log in, tap on the ‘Wallet’ icon

  2. Choose the card you wish to verify

  3. Select the ‘Confirm card’ link and press ‘OK’

  4. PayPal will charge you some amount for the verification

  5. It will also send you a four-digit code

  6. Enter the code when asked and select ‘Confirm’.

Let’s fix some PayPal login issues

  • You remember your password but forgotten the email address you used

If something similar happens with you, you can always get your hands back on your account login details. To know which email address you used on PayPal, use the steps given here:

  1. Go to the PayPal login page.

  2. Here, select ‘Having trouble logging in?’

  3. Followed by it, select ‘Forgotten your email address?’

  4. You can enter some email addresses you think you have used

  5. If PayPal recognizes one of the email address, it will let you know

  6. After noting it down, you can continue to login

  • You have forgotten your login password

  • From a browser, go to the PayPal login page

  • Select ‘Having trouble logging in?’

  • Enter the PayPal account email address and click Next

  • Select the password reset method and click Next

  • The options are:

  • Have us call you

  • Receive a text

  • Receive an email

  • Answer your security questions

  • Follow the prompts for your chosen option

  • You are not able to sign in at all

If you are not able to sign in even if you remember your login details, then you should verify the URL using PayPal login. Else, clear the browser’s cache and cookies to fix some minor issues with it. If you do not know how to do so, you can always Google search and follow the given instructions.

How to change Account type on PayPal?

If you wish to switch from PayPal Individual account to a PayPal Business account, use the steps given here:

  1. Sign in at the PayPal login page

  2. Then, go to the ‘Account Summary’ section

  3. Go to the bottom-left of the page

  4. Select ‘Upgrade to a Business account’

  5. Follow the instruction prompted by PayPal

  6. Enter all the requested details

The details given in this post will help a user in his pursuit of accessing his PayPal account and using it for the first time. To know more about using PayPal or its application, read through the help articles given on the official platform of PayPal.

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Paypal login - Sign up In Paypal login Account

For PayPal login, go to its official website, click ‘Log In’ at the top, type your email or phone number, click ‘next, and enter your password followed by ‘Next’.