Despite the rise in mental health issues among our generation of youth, society refuses to address its severity. The problem only worsens as it is coupled with the existing stigma surrounding counseling and seeking guidance. Academic pressures contribute to stress and anxiety which hinder the lives of high school students, while social media creates unrealistic beauty standards that cause individuals to feel insecure in their own bodies. In addressing these issues, Helping Hand for Teens offers resources and advice to cope with stress on our website and social media pages. We also provide a safe space for students to feel comforted and understood in hopes to spread awareness about body image and the importance of mental health among teenagers.


Social Stigma

Our current society holds a severe stigma towards mental health issues because of the misinformation in news, movies, or social media that often dramatize or misconstrue these issues. This stigma creates fear and discrimination, resulting in a lack of ability to aid those with mental health issues. Consequently, many teens feel isolated and fearful of disclosing such issues, so they turn to unhealthy escapes.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common occurrences but problems arise when these emotions become persistent. They can form unhealthy behaviors or habits that significantly interfere with an individual’s life. Teens are especially vulnerable to stress and anxiety because of many factors such as obligations to take rigorous courses in school, high expectations from parents, extracurricular commitments, and social relationships.


A person’s evaluation of their self worth is built upon comparisons to the people around them. Issues of self-confidence can manifest in the judgement of our own appearance, intelligence, material wealth, etc. Teenagers are especially prone to feeling self conscious because of the prevalence of social media; in which people tend to showcase only their best moments. This can lead to a negative mood and a deterioration of their self-worth.

We will be hosting informational workshops that bring awareness to the issues teenagers face today and to teach students coping mechanisms!

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