is it time to change how we see our Health?


Thank you for visiting this mini website. We are at the beginning of some interesting changes. For the first time in our history we are in a unique position to take a fresh look at the way we take care of ourselves.

Our bodies are very complex and we trust that they will just keep delivering for us. The only time we really appreciate our health is when we lose it. We take our health for granted and yet... more of us are unhealthier than ever.

Obesity is up, diabetes is up, breathing and digestive ailments are up, degenerative diseases are up and all of us know people who are suffering with cancers and cardio vascular heart disease (Heart attacks ets.).

What can we do about this? How can we avoid becoming yet another statistic and perhaps start to lead the way in looking at our Health differently?

How often do you get your health checked?

Most of us visit the doctors when we feel unwell, or perhaps if we need a medical for our work or some insurance policy or other. Apart from this we steer clear of doctors and hospitals as much as we can... who can blame us? No one likes the thought of having ill health... and the associated costs as well!

But... as our lifestyles change and as age creeps up on us, slow and unnoticed deterioration could be taking place inside us... we still feel fine... How would we know anything is wrong?

Quite simply we don't. Unless we have some medical knowledge and know what to look for, the chances are the first time we'll know about it is when something quite serious happens.

Just ask yourself the following questions...

    • What is your average heart rate?
    • What are your blood pressure levels?
    • Have you been checked for diabetes?
    • Are you doing enough exercise?

If you are unsure of the answers or even what the average 'normal' is then it's a bit like driving a car with the blindfold on. We just haven't a clue whether the lifestyle we are leading is harming us or not?

The existing system of Healthcare isn't able to provide us with check ups on a regular basis to be able to put our minds at rest there just isn't the manpower or money. In the main, until now we just have had to hope for the best.

What if there was a different way?

With an ageing population pressures on our health service are likely to become more acute. Resources are more likely to be directed to those who are already sick with little spare capacity left for those who just want a checkup.

So what if there was an easy way to monitor your own health? Do your own health checks? Without having to go to the doctors?

It is no surprise that there is huge interest in this approach. Millions of people would like to take greater levels of responsibility for their own health; if it was made simple, convenient and effective.

If we could get quick and accurate results when we wanted, no doctors appointment, no time off work, no tying up resources... everyone wins!

Introducing the Helo wristband

Fit Bit's and Smart phones began the trend. They uncovered that people were interested in getting real time information on things like how many steps taken in a day and how much sleep we were getting each night. The net effect of this was that people began changing their habits. They began to talk with others about health. They challenged themselves to do more; walk further, get more sleep. People have responded in a positive way to this information and taken action. That is powerful!

Now imagine if the same idea was expanded to include many more vital signs? ... How would this impact people? Would it prompt them to take even greater responsibility for their health?

Many think so, and this is exactly the audience for the Helo wristband... if this describes you...

    • Wanting to take more responsibility for your own health
    • Keen to understand your own body through frequent, real time checks
    • Learn how things you do in your life impact your body
    • Make positive changes to your habits to improve the quality of your life
    • Get advance warning of potential issues

Then please do read on... below is a link to find out more about the Helo health wristband