Spirit of Hellenism

'Connecting today's generation with the first generation'

The Spirit of Hellenism competition is an annual award open to Victorians aged 15 to 25 (in the year the competition is judged). Entrants are required to research and tell a story of contribution made by Hellenic migrants to Australian society. Entrants must come into contact with at least one primary source and work to understand their contribution (via interviews of the person, family and friends, and documents found at local historical societies such as local Greek clubs). Students can turn their research into entries by presenting it in any format (e.g. essay, poem, audio presentation, video presentation, musical composition, digital presentation, artwork).

We congratulate every student who participates. Your work is invaluable in documenting the history that makes up our community.

Past Winners

All entries to the competition can be located in our Library. The work is free to view but is owned by its individual creator.

2017 Award

  • Kiriaki Gilinas (overall winner)
  • Martha Kapetanea (Fronditha prize)
  • Theano Salta
  • Zacharias Smyrnis

2018 Award

  • Delphi Prize: Alex Vounisios
  • Fronditha Prize: Kyri Derzotis
  • Pammessinian Brotherhood Prize: Evan Koukounaras
  • The Olympian Society Prize: Angeliki Stamatopoulou
  • Pancretan Brotherhood Prize: Efthymia Delichristou