Hellcat Optics - Thoughts & Considerations

I actually own multiple Hellcats and have used all of the reflex sights I discuss.

An Examination of the Red Dot Sights for the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol

Springfield Hellcat FDE OSP pistol with a Swampfox Sentinel red dot sight

Optics Choices

The Springfield Hellcat is an amazing micro-compact pistol designed to use a red dot sight.

Red dot sights, also known as reflex sights, are specialized optics created to assist people in delivering fast, accurate shooting in defensive encounters.

For armed citizens defending against a felonious assault or as a police officer using the Hellcat as a back up gun - the Hellcat OSP is an ideal weapon for the good guys. Equipped with an optic, the Hellcat pistol is an amazing CCW tool.

If you need a Springfield Hellcat with a red dot, I hope to offer you some solid advice with which you can make some buying decisions.

First of all, optics can direct mount to the Hellcat slide. Any RDS with a RMSc-type footprint can mount directly to the slide. Without using a plate, the optic fits lower and closer to the bore axis.

Since these optics are mounted lower, most Hellcat optics allow for co-witnessing of the U-Dot sights that are standard from the factory.

close up of the red dot sight for the Hellcat handgun

What are the best options?

I've previously talked about your options for red dots for Hellcat pistols.

Since I initially wrote that article, I've expanded my inventory of red dot sights and updated my thoughts on that page.

side view of the Shield RMSc mounted on a Springfield Hellcat

How to mount the optic?

Most red dot sight mount directly to the Hellcat slide.

A few optics do require mounting plates. The Trijicon RMRcc, for example, needs a third party plate which makes this sight less than ideal. Likewise, Holosun has an incompatible footprint that requires minor machining.

In the coming months, I plan on testing all of the sighting options I can find for the Springfield pistol. As I conduct evaluations on them, I will update the above site to keep you informed on how they performed and what you can expect from them.