Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)

Professional Flight Simulation Software, Scenery, & Content Developer

We are the leading developer and pioneer of professional helicopter flight simulation scenery. In addition to our benchmark scenery designs, we are also actively involved in the development of groundbreaking software, realistic virtual HEMS solutions, and services, web design & integrations, custom applications for mobile & desktop, & an entire custom database developed alongside.

Recent Scenery Release

AHN Jefferson


Located in Pittsburgh, PA

  • GPS Coordinates: N40°19.09' / W79°56.04'

  • Elevation: 1156 ft.

  • Surface: ROOFTOP/MAT

  • Placement: ROOFTOP

  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 feet.

Virtual HEMS APP

Install App on Home Screen of Any Desktop or Mobile Device

iOS, Mac OS, iPad OS, Android OS, and Windows OS

We are proud to announce the beta release of our very own mobile and web browser application for Virtual HEMS Flights. The application is specifically developed to work alongside our custom-developed HEMS scenery. However, it includes a database of every airport and helicopter helipad in the world allowing users the ability to simulate any scenario from any location. Including the ability to input any specific location using google maps directly. All flight data is automatically logged and saved for future viewing in multiple viewing formats and reports. In addition, a PDF Dispatch Report is automatically generated after every flight for your records or to print. Also available is a Pre-Populated PDF Document allowing users to fill in the PDF at their convenience and log the response simply by pressing the submit button. Users can also print out the worksheet and handwrite responses, which can be quickly added to the Pre-Populated PDF or Application for submission.

The application will work with both X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator, but we recommend X-Plane for the most realistic helicopter simulation flight model.


We want to inspire others by providing a confident example of what’s possible, demonstrating the power of knowledge & self-determination, and continuing to lead the way by generating excitement and curiosity within the flight simulation community

Unmatched Knowledge of Technology, Aviation, Medicine, & Business Combine to Provide a Significant Competitive Advantage.

We are committed to providing the entire helicopter flight simulation community with a professional solution that redefines possibilities, reimagines flight training and increases general awareness & interest in flying helicopters.

Helicopter Simulation sets the standard for quality, realism, accuracy, immersion, lighting, operations, and continuous improvement. Our development process is unique, focused on providing the ultimate experience, regardless of how long the developmental process takes. We combine together all available FAA navigational data, location imaging, sectional charts. high-resolution photography, 3D Satellite Imaging, LiDAR scans, and real-world observational visits. Then carefully recreate the entire hospital, helipad, and surrounding area from the ground up. Every texture, object, light, vegetation, tree, overlay, etc.. is individually placed. This unmatchable dedication to absolute perfection has earned Medical Aviation Simulation a characteristic reputation of professionally developed quality, accuracy, detail, and realism.

How, What, & Why?

  • Provide government regulating bodies a strong partner in developing new tools to further safety, research, and current flight protocols into the future.

  • Enhance pilot proficiency & skill, reduce pilot error, improve helicopter safety, and improve situational awareness by working alongside providers.

  • Develop new informational & database content, while providing a more effective method of educating current & prospective pilots. These advanced models can provide a real-world template of operations upon which actual HEMS providers can use.

  • Provide Flight Schools, Helicopter Manufacturers, HEMS Operators, Helicopter Flight Training Centers, and others with Scenery that can be confidently used in Professional Helicopter Flight Simulators.

  • Allow home flight simulation enthusiasts an opportunity to learn properly, benefiting from simultaneous development of public projects alongside commercial or government organization contact development.

  • Inspire a new generation of pilots who are curious about learning to fly helicopters by demonstrating what is possible for anyone to achieve. Provide a reference source of education and insights for others looking for information.

  • Develop a professional community for individuals to simulate virtual operations, interact with others and actively contribute knowledge towards building the largest collective effort in helicopter simulation. Here, everyone is welcomed, treated like family, and passionately encouraged to contribute in a manner you can.

  • Provide the summation of knowledge & experience to aviation leadership. Consulting to emergency medical providers, health care providers, industry professionals, & aviation companies.

Our "Terms of Service"

We believe in a straightforward approach, with no hidden terms to hide behind, our products speak for themselves. Every purchase is handled on an individual basis with an unheard-of money-back guarantee if for some reason an unforeseen circumstance occurs that prevents enjoyment.

  1. Guaranteed to Exceed All Expectations

  2. Assistance During Installation & Setup

  3. Professional Tech Support & Fast Response

  4. We don’t Collect, Store, or Sell Personal Info

  5. Purchase Securely & easily using Gumroad

  6. Free Updates of Enhanced Versions for Life

  7. Full Refund Offered if Warranted Upon Circumstances


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