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Helicopter Gear Sets For Pilots

Helicopter helmet is the most helicopter each made. It's new earcup impact standards, impact standards and tough penetration standards. In a rescue operation, nothing can be left to chance. Rescue teams need to know they have gear they can depend on. That's why our helicopter rescue exploit lineup includes equipment approved by the U.S. Navy. It combines the relaxation of a chair harness the safety of a full-body harness and the safety of a floatation device, providing rescue crews assurance that they're working with quality equipment. YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL PARTS AND EQUIPMENT FOR AVIATORS AND CREWS

The gear box has to transfer the energy to the rotors from the engines, whilst the tail gear box assists control and maneuverability. From the gear box assemblies, all critical components are developed for resistance to vibration, high temperatures and pressure - average military helicopter specifications need the major gear box to perform at full power for up to two hours with no petroleum - imagine doing that on your vehicle!

This is a recount of a bird and, while the story has a positive outcome, it might have been worse. We anticipate prompt and expert care when disaster happens. However, what if something occurs to the caregivers? Flight Helmet Accessories are available too.

Bodycote provides heat treatment processing on gears and bearings to improve high speed operation. Coating treatments are essential to precision.





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