About Us

Welcome to the Henrietta Lacks Library! You will find a variety of resources available all day, every day. Check out devices, headphones, texts, tech accessories, magazines, makerspace supplies (details to come!), and yes BOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS, EBOOKS, and more BOOKS! Remember, "the ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something we know nothing about yet refuse to investigate" (Dyer). The library is a space to ask questions, investigate, collaborate, lead, transform our thinking, be creative, connect, read, learn, reflect, share, and grow individually and as a community!

7:30-3:30 Monday-Friday

Teacher Librarian: Katie Nedved (M-TH)

Student Support Clerk: Tawny Maruhn (M-W-F)

Career Center: Cindy Josephson (T-TH)

Career Center Secretary: Michelle Lund (M-F)

Transitional Coach: Justin St. Pierre (M-F)