Main research area: scheduling

Other interests:

    • Graph colorings
    • Sustainable energy planning

Top 5 publications

    • Hegyháti, M., Osz, O., Kovács, B., Friedler, F.; Scheduling of automated wet-etch stations; (2014) Chemical Engineering Transactions, 39 (Special Issue), pp. 433-438.
    • Hegyhati, M., Z. Tuza, Colorability of mixed hypergraphs and their chromatic inversions, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 25, 737-751, 2013
    • Hegyhati, M., F. Friedler, Combinatorial Algorithms of the S-Graph Framework for Batch Scheduling, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 50 (9), 5169-5174 (2011).
    • Lainez, J. M., M. Hegyhati, F. Friedler, L. Puigjaner, Using S-graph to address uncertainty in batch plants, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 12, 105-115 (2010).
    • Hegyhati, M., T. Majozi, T. Holczinger, F. Friedler, Practical infeasibility of cross-transfer in batch plants with complex recipes: S-graph vs MILP methods, Chemical Engineering Science, 64, 605-610 (2009).



      • Total number of referred articles: 11, among which 4 has IF (Sum: 6.08)
      • Total number of citations: 37, among which 27 is independent


      • 30 international conference presentations and 10 posters
      • 7 national, 15 student conference presentations
      • 4 invited talks at universities, and 3 at secondary schools

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