Hobbies & Other


I am a long distance runner, hiker, cyclist, and an occasional skater, swimmer, rower. As strength training I do XBody workouts on a weekly basis. I am the running ambassador of BSI in Veszprém.

Personal bests, and achievements

    • Longest hiking challange: Rockenbauer Pál Emléktúra, 130 km, 28 hours, Nagykanizsa, Hungary
    • First Marathon: 2013, Marrakech, Morocco
    • Best Marathon: 3 hours and 17 minutes, 2015, Gyula, Hungary
    • First IronMan: 15 hours and 15 minutes, 2015, Balatonfüred, Hungary
    • Best 6h run: 65.5 km, 2016, Balatonfüred, Hungary
    • Longest ride: 230 km, 2015, Balaton lake, Hungary



I started playing the cello at the age of 23, since then I've been a member of cello quartet with friends. In the spring of 2012, I initiated the foundation of the amateur symphonic orchestra of the University of Pannonia. During the next 3 years I acted as both manager and cello/timpani player.