I am Professor of the Department of Linguistics at Seoul National University. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT in 2005. My research interests lie in the field of theoretical and experimental syntax, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition. As a theoretical linguist, I have pursued the question of how various principles at the syntax proper interact with interface systems to yield particular linear orderings, meaning structures, and morphological patterns. My research projects in syntax include the theory, acquisition, and/or processing of scrambling, wh-movement, small clauses, verbal serialization, floating quantifiers, predicate fronting, Case, and right-dislocation, among others. In the field of psycholinguistics, I am interested in how the Universal Grammar constrains the interlanguage of language learners. I have participated in a series of collaborative experimental studies on the second language acquisition of articles, demonstratives, and resultative constructions. Currently, I am serving on the Editorial Boards of the journal Syntax, Linguistic Variation, and Korean Linguistics.

Heejeong Ko, Ph.D.
Professor of Linguistics
Seoul National University