The Pastor's Corner

A Christmas Message

There is no good time to have a bad day. By-gone Christmases and events leading up to this Christmas help set the mood of the moment as we move into Advent and Christmas. Be aware that if you are looking for a place to sing carols and enjoy the festivities of Christmas in a gathered group, consider being part of the Union Congregational celebrations.

If Christmas time this year will have some sadness because of life’s burdens, consider being part of the Union Congregational time together when we stand with those who are not ready to celebrate but who also want to know that “Emmanuel” which means “God with us” is also with them.

Children are always welcome and their numbers fluctuate significantly based on their parents’ work schedules…and of course how things are shaping up that day.

This year the four Sundays of Advent all fit into December

  • Dec. 3 First Sunday of Advent – Hope
  • Dec. 10 Second Sunday of Advent – Peace
  • Dec. 17, Third Sunday of Advent – Joy
  • Dec. 24, @ the 10:00 AM worship, Fourth Sunday of Advent – Love
  • Dec. 24, @ 8:00 PM Christmas Eve service – Birth of Christ

We say that wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. That is abundantly clear at Christmas because we are a large and diverse gathering of close friends and people who used to be strangers.