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Tips on Home HVAC Maintenance

You can hire any heating repair companies that look like they do good work. Odds are during winter months your heater is on all day attempting to keep the house warm. HVAC systems normally run more than needed due to inaccurate settings. When trouble shooting and improving your heating segment of your HVAC system there are various things to check out.

The Air Filter

This part is what gets talked about the most in discussions about heating maintenance but is sometimes overlooked. If there is a obstruction you either run the chance of not distributing heat effectively or possibly starting a fire|When the air filter is dirty air cannot flow through either which means the unit must work harder and will also mean a likelihood of fire. If the system is not circulating heat efficiently it will be working harder. The fire concern is obviously self-explanatory. In each case it is not suitable for peace of mind or your funds.


Check your blower blades and clean them up. If there is any buildup of grime and debris your fan will need to work overtime to blow the air out and the furnace will be overexerting itself. Therefore strain in your HVAC system and your wallet since more fuel is needed to constantly run the blower.

Fire Damper

Be certain to look at your fire damper for correct functioning. This will make sure that the fir risk is minimal and that the system will work more proficiently.

Flex Duct

Air ducts can get damaged over the years. If a duct has collapsed or become obstructed the system will think that the right temperature has been reached which will be false. Finally your equipment will be working harder to maintain your house cool as you continue lowering the thermostat to reach comfy conditions.


Insulation is usually missed but is one of the most prevalent reasons why an HVAC system fails. Take take time to focus on the insulation in between the duct work and the exterior to make sure it has not worked itself loose. If this happens your equipment will not reach ideal temperatures and will work too hard to attempt to accommodate.


Make sure the ductwork is hooked up in all places to all pieces. These detachments can cause space in the circulation and cause a loss of heated air in your home since it will be escaping through the gaps.

The Return Air Inlets

Make certain that that return air intakes are free of debris and dust so air can easily flow.

Zone Dampers

Look at your dampers verifying they are in the right place. Sometimes a damper will get moved by mistake like when you squeeze by it or make room for storage. For a properly functioning system check to see that your dampers are actually in the best spot.

If that is a little too much to handle on your own we suggest you hire one of the heating repair companies in town. You will find numerous heating contractors around you who can care for this all quite competently. For the right results you could set up annual maintenance for HVAC and the heating people will call every year to deal with it.

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