Past Headlines

Take a look at some of the correspondence from the past below - demonstrating the wide scope of activities and work we have carried out to maintain the Heart of England Way and Arden Way.

  • Volunteers were needed to help install two metal kissing gates and a board walk on Footpath W56. The path is located at Chadwick End. The village lies on the A4141 about 4 miles south of Knowle on the road to Warwick. This stretch of path is notoriously boggy and is the last major outstanding physical problem on the whole of the Way.

Warwickshire County Council provided the materials, we needed to supply the labour. The arrangements were planned for an October date to install the two gates. We needed at least 6 volunteers for this work, starting on the board walk and if not finished in a day, an extra day was planned to complete the job.

  • Just to bring you up to date with a couple of things happening on the section from Hayes Hall Farm to Meriden. Walking down the lane towards the Queens Head PH at the end of the section you pass under the bridge carrying the A45. Immediately before the bridge, on the left hand side of the road, a field has been purchased and the owners are now putting tonnes of hardcore and installing services without planning permission.

Together with the Coventry Way we have voiced our concerns of the extra traffic that will be generated.

Now the good news - Coventry Way volunteers tells me that they are going to install gates at each end of the footbridge just south of Birchley Hays Wood. They have built a board walk across a muddy section in the riding paddock and intend putting in a kissing gate as you exit the fields onto the lane at Eaves Green.

  • Following our Wardens AGM, my main concern is the flooding on the path at Chadwick End and that is what I will be concentrating on resolving, as well as meeting up with the new wardens for the last two sections in Gloucestershire.

You will have heard, or read in the minutes of the steady progress we are making towards our goal of a stile free route. I will be asking you to do another survey, prior to our AGM, so we can accurately measure our progress.

Through my dealings with the Authorities on your behalf I know how much they respect and value the work you all do. The Association benefits from this goodwill you have brought us by their response to the issues we raise with them.

  • Dear Wardens - I have booked the ''70 Club Room' in Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham for our Annual Meeting. The time is 2.00pm till 5.00pm. Please let me know nearer the time if you cannot make the meeting. There will be a number of relatively new wardens who will not be familiar with the format of the meeting. I aim to make it reasonably informal.

As usual, after the chairman's briefing I will ask all the wardens attending to give a brief account of any changes/improvements to their sections. I would ask wardens not attending to please send me a written up to date report if possible.

There has been, and still is a lot happening with new gates and upgrading of the waymarking on both routes, so please try and come along and share your observations with us. Kind regards Brian Keates

  • Re: flooding on Coventry Way south of Birchley Hays Woods

We (The Coventry Way team) have this as a priority item on our Warwickshire County Council list - and have been having little response from them on this or other N.Warwickshire priority items. I discussed this yesterday with John (Chairman ACWA), and he has agreed to organise a meeting with them to try and initiate progress.

I also discussed your email with Bob & Stan yesterday and gave them a (paper!) copy of your email. We all agree that collaboration between you seems to have worked OK without meeting! However I'm sure direct contact at some convenient time and place would make it even better. Thanks Regards

  • Our new Brown "place of interest" signs have arrived and are beginning to find their way out on to suitable points along both The Arden Way and Heart of England Way.

There are no prizes for spotting the first ones - these have been put up to photograph and also a a barometer of their enduring worth before the full set are located and installed.

Brian Keates and myself will manage this exercise and choose the most suitable locations. What we do not want to happen is a brown sign every mile or more - it would be very easy to over do tnbis exercise. However in certain key places such as the two routes of Heart of England Way around Kingswood Junction and Lowsonford we now have a perfect compliment to the way marking. This is a route we have not wayparked on both options before, but both are the official route.

As we are very aware that interpretation panels are expensive in whole cost and not easy to get approved in places such as Bourton On The Water we feel the simple Brown sign will be easy to put on wooden right of way marker posts.

  • New Bench and Lectern at Meriden

Everything went OK today and the bench and lectern are now installed. The Church and Parish Council said that they were impressed.

If you remember it was wet on Wednesday. After finishing the work, my volunteers went home to dry out so I do not have any photographs of them. The people in the photographs represent the Church and Parish Council and came along afterwards.

  • I went back with my friend on Friday to take more pictures - hence the sunshine.

The brass plaque on the bench reads - To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Heart of England Way 1982 - 2007.