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You are welcome to use Heart Buddy free of charge. Heart Buddy is fully functional. There are no subscriptions, no in-app purchases and no adverts.

If Heart Buddy has helped you out and you would like to support future development a donation is gratefully accepted.
Thank you, Sean.

Heart Buddy - Peace of mind and simple to use

Heart Buddy is an easy to use iOS app for the iPhone or iPad. Heart Buddy continuously monitors the heart rate and raises an alarm when it detects a low or high heart rate. This could be indicative of a seizure, a problem with a pacemaker, or other heart problems.

Heart Buddy is totally free: no subscriptions, no adverts, complete access to all advanced features. Heart Buddy is already helping people and it can help you too.

  • Continuous, realtime monitoring of the heart rate throughout the whole night, the day and wherever you go.
  • Customise Heart Buddy's alarms: including those for high/low heart rates; low battery; signal loss; and more.
  • Heart rates displayed on charts and updated as each heart rate is collected.
  • Heart rate saved on the device and optionally in the cloud.
  • Review heart rate charts from those saved in your history to spot patterns and gain valuable insight to heart rate behaviour.
  • Share heart charts to your other devices, family, or email them to healthcare professionals.
  • The Heart Zones feature keeps you informed of heart rate changes without even needing to look at the app.
  • Optionally connect your iPhone/iPad to a bluetooth speaker to allow alarms to be heard remotely, elsewhere in the home.
  • Heart Buddy can now share your heart rate with the iPhone Health app.
  • Designed and tested with the Wahoo TickR Fit Heart Rate Sensor with up to 30 hours battery life. Also works with other bluetooth low-energy (BTLE) heart sensors.

Heart Buddy - Heart Monitor

Heart Buddy continuously monitors the heart rate in realtime and raises an alarm when it detects a problem.

Monitor Screen

The Heart Monitor screen displays:

  • the current heart rate in real time
  • the highest and lowest heart rates seen so far.
  • heart rates plotted on a chart.
  • sensor battery level and signal strength.
  • option to view a chart for the whole session.
  • alerts are raised when triggered by your customised alarms.

Heart Buddy - Heart Rate Charts

Heart Buddy displays the heart rates gathered for a session on a chart which allows you to visually check the heart rate over a selected period of time.

Chart screen
Sending a chart in an email
  • charts up to a 12 hour period.
  • scroll the chart left and right for sessions longer than 12 hours.
  • jump directly to the highest or lowest heart rates that were recorded for the session.
  • jump forward/backward 1 hour to quickly find specific sections of interest.
  • share charts via email, airdrop, printing.
  • share charts to the Notes app and add your own comments.
  • share charts to PDF editors and add your own annotations.

Heart Buddy - Heart Rate History

Heart Buddy builds up a history of heart rate data which allows you to revisit and review your previously recorded sessions.

History screen
  • display a chart for any session in your history.
  • sessions stored on the device and/or in the cloud.
  • sessions in the cloud can be viewed on your other iOS devices.
  • important sessions can be locked to prevent them from being accidentally deleted.
  • each session keeps the date/time it was collected, the highest and lowest heart rates, the duration of the session and all the heart rates gathered over the period.

Heart Buddy - Alarms

Heart Buddy allows you to customise alarms which alert a carer when they are triggered.

Alarm Screen
  • Customisable alarms.
  • alarms can be turned on or off independently.
  • alarms include high/low heart rate detection.
  • alarms for low battery levels.
  • alarms for low signal strength.
  • pre-recorded messages tell you the reason an alarm has been raised.

Heart Buddy - A quick preview

Below is a short video preview showing a few of Heart Buddy's screens.

Heart Buddy - In Action

If you have a camera monitor then you can switch on Heart Buddy's extra large display and get an up-to-date heart rate measurement at a glance.

In the video below, Heart Buddy is running on an iPhone 5S - which is visible in the top left-hand corner of the picture.

Heart Buddy is connected to a Wahoo TickR fit bracelet and is monitoring and displaying the current heart rate.

Heart Buddy is also connected to a Bluetooth speaker in another room and raises an alarm if it detects a low or high heart rate.

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