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1. What is Humanitarian Enhancement Aid for Resilient Transformation-HEART?

Ans: Humanitarian Enhancement Aid for Resilient Transformation- HEART is a private non-profit and developmental social organization working in the context of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. The short form of this is Heart Bangladesh

2. What is the full meaning of HEART?

Ans: Heart's full name is: Humanitarian Enhancement Aid for Resilient Transformation-Heart and it is known as Heart Bangladesh for short.

3. When it was situated/established?

Ans: It was established on April 1, 2021 at post COVID-19 in Cox's Bazar

4. Is your organization a 501/C or legally registered?

Ans: This organization is licensed under the Department of Local Government of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, which conducts and implements social work, and its Reg. No. 05474. But now the registration process is going on in the Department of Youth Development under the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the registration and process is going on in the Department of Social Services. Steps are being taken to register with the Joint Stock and NGO Bureau.

5. What is your organization's mission & vision?

Ans: Heart Bangladesh's mission and vision.


We are dreaming of a world where there will be no hunger, equal opportunities for all and equal participation, all working together for the development of progress and self-reliance, all with the same bond. In such an emergency, everyone is united and determined to provide services in the humanitarian crisis.


We want to create a bond of unity through an integrated initiative and resilient awareness, where the radiation of the people-friendly, environment-friendly, human-friendly outside world, child-friendly world, potential universe and latent talent will always shine forth.

6. What are the core values of the organization?

Ans: The core values ​​of this organization.

Respect for ethnic culture.

Equal opportunity for all.

Integrated initiative and creativity.

Sustainable and quality completed enterprise.

Responsiveness and dignity.

Respect to everyone, participation, teamwork.

Transparency and accountability.

Establishment of justice and honesty.

Struggle for excellence.

7. How can I donate in your organization?

Ans: Thanks for your question.

You must be able to send donations to our organization. You can become one of our heartbidians and family members by sending donations. We have opened this development account with our own official number. Feel free to send money to the following numbers.

BKash account: +*801866465947

Cash Account: +8801866465947

We also have our own bank account, so you can donate to the following account numbers.

Bank Account Number: 026111018719

Account holder's name: Md. Jobair

Name of the Bank: Union Bank Ltd.

Bank branch: Hnila

Routing number:

Swift code:

8. Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?

Ans: Very nice and logical question, and thanks for that question . Public donations come to our organization whenever you / she sends any amount of donations, and we have a fund open only for your donations, that is Public Crowd fund. Your donations are added to this fund, and in the annual and audit report we mention how much our crowd funding was. And every 1 month we check the accounts of this fund and with that fund we undertake a social program, such as free circumcision services, food aid to orphans and the poor, provision of educational materials and many more. The money of this grant is spent for the backward and helpless people of the society.

9. Who runs the organization?


The founder of this organization is Zubair Mahmud, a humanitarian worker, volunteer and young social entrepreneur. In addition to this, the executive council of this organization has an 8-member committee. The company is basically managed through this committee.

10. Where the base of the organization & where they do?

Ans: The base of this company is Cox's Bazar. Since this company has been established in the hands of the children of Cox's Bazar, priority will be given to Cox's Bazar to work. However, if Cox's Bazar is the base, it is working all over Bangladesh and will continue to do so in the future. Besides Cox's Bazar, it has been implementing social activities in remote areas of Chittagong, Dhaka, Khulna and Barisal.

11. How can I partner with the organization?

Ans: We believe in SDG-18 (Partnership for the Gul). That is why we prioritize partnership in implementing any kind of activities. We have 30 types of partnership categories. We work by signing MoUs with those in the category who are interested in partnership, even those who want to work with us in a joint partnership, then we also work in a joint partnership.

If you are interested in partnering, you can send a letter of interest to or Also visit our website and do not hesitate to contact Partnership Focal. Thanks.

12. How can I be a sponsor with the organization?

Ans: We also receive sponsorships from a variety of individuals and organizations. Any person or organization can sponsor us for any kind of social program if we want. And we are committed to conducting and implementing activities in accordance with the needs of that sponsor in a timely manner.

And those who are interested in sponsoring us for such work can also contact us via the following email. Email: or You can also visit the website below and get in touch with our sponsor Focal.

13. How can I get involved in the organization's mission?

Ans: Many thanks for your questions and interest, we appreciate your interest. You must join us. We give the opportunity to those who will be united with our mission, vision, goals and objectives and our values. He can be with us in all kinds of opportunities, such as - Partnership, Sponsorship, Donation, Advisor, Mentor, General Board Member, Volunteer, etc. If anyone is interested then the following email and phone numbers are given, please contact, we will try our best to cooperate with the information. Email: or or and mobile: +8801866465947.

14. Have an organogram & MoA/Constitution?

Ans: Our organization is a licensed organization. So we have our own organogram and constitution. Our constitution is changeable. To learn more about our constitution visit the official website

15. What is the communication protocol?

Ans: Anyone can contact the company for any information. For this we have our own communication cell. You can contact us using the following protocols. Email: , , or call +8801866465947.

16. What is the web address?

Ans: Our company has its own official website. You can visit the website if you want. Google Site: (currently active)


17. Have you any social media pages? If any kindly share the social media links?

Ans: Many thanks for your questions and interest. We have our own official page on many social media. The link is presented below








18. What are the main focusing area of your organization?

Ans: The topics we focus on are as follows:

Food and nutrition

Education and research

Social change and development

Public health and women's health

Agriculture and rural economy

Forest and environment conservation and development

SDG implementation and development

Child protection and human trafficking

Emergency and Humanitarian Crisis Project

Refugee and local joint activities

Risky and helpless rehabilitation

Skilled migration

Climate change and action

Family relationships and development

19. What are the criteria of your organization?

Ans: Our organization has some specialties and features.

They are as follows:

Heart Bangladesh is a non-profit and charitable development organization.

It will work not only in Bangladesh but globally.

Indigenous and tribal cooperation is active.

Always welcome against social inconsistencies and useful issues.

It will always be active in emergency coexistence and mutual development.

Will work relentlessly for everyone irrespective of religion, tribe, caste, gender

20. Can you share me about your organization’s description or short introduction? If yes, please give a brief or a short description about your organization!


Thank you so much for knowing about our organization. Overview of our organization Heart Bangladesh:

Humanitarian Enhancement Aid for Resilient Transformation-HEART, or HEART Bangladesh for short, is an organization registered with the Department of Local Government, known as a Bangladeshi non-political, local, and national level voluntary, social welfare and non-profit development organization. COVID-19 Post Time Since its inception in 2021, the organization is working for the United Nations Development Goals, Education, Food and Quality of Life, Poverty Alleviation, Youth Empowerment and Development, Entrepreneurship and Skills Development, Unemployment Reduction and Employment, Women Empowerment, Child Care, Adolescent & Elder Age Protection, Environment. , Disaster Management and Climate Change, Emergency Assistance and Refugee Services, Local Violence and Prevention of Child Marriage, Nutrition, Legal Aid, Human Rights, Health and Family Welfare. It is a non-communal youth-friendly and women-friendly, entrepreneur-friendly, and SDG-friendly development organization. At present, about 70 international and globalized networks, alliances, and registered members are conducting organizational and institutional activities together with partners.